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Why is Black Friday recognized almost like a holiday?

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Seriously ... I get it, there are some good/great/oustanding/wanna-slap-yo-mama deals out there on this oh-so sacred of national days. But I'm afraid trying to get a good price on the latest electronics is overshadowing the holiday that precedes it - anyone remember that little day called Thanksgiving? This time of year, and especially in this economy, it should be time to slow down and be thankful for what we still have - right? The pilgrims didn't migrate and be slaughtered by Indians so we could take it for granted, did they? (my history ain't that great). Let's take some time to be appreciative of what we have, and focus less on not getting trampled at Kmart when they open their doors early. Is getting the latest TV or Barbie really that much more important than family and values?
munkin2u posted Oct 21, 2011

Is Thanksgiving the day before Black Friday?

jdswirsky (rep: 3.6k) posted Oct 21, 2011


Many DO recognize Thanksgiving as the day for which it was intended; however, when night falls and the world falls into a slumber, Thanksgiving Day itself fades into a madness we call Black Friday. So many look forward to it that it has become its own animal. I try to practice Thanksgiving EVERY day...not just in November.

Ribbit (rep: 15.9k) posted Oct 22, 2011


Amen Ribbit!

DiscoQueen (rep: 12.6k) posted Oct 22, 2011