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Why is my rep not growing?

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I have been a member for well over a year.
I have shared quite a few deals, commented, and plus'd many as well, yet my rep remains in the high 300's.

I took a break for a few months, as I was traveling.

Now I that I am back, I can't share deals (from websites I have shared from in the past), saying my rep isn't high enough. Anyone know why?
gbdelivery (L0) posted Jan 10, 2014

Your rep score is affected by actions done by other users when they save, comment, or thumb up your posts. I just saved some of your deals and can confirm your rep score went up due to that.

As for being unable to share deals due to your rep, please send me a private message with links to either the item or post that you're having an issue with so I can go over it with you in detail.

Retrex (L5) posted Jan 10, 2014


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yoyocctv (L1) posted Sep 07, 2016