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Why is the Christmas season so long?

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I know it's the end of the yr, but to me it's celebrated for way too long.
mnvikings11 posted Dec 07, 2010

i do feel that this year, it began a bit earlier than usual, but it seems like stores are trying to jump on the band wagon of making money. same thing with black friday. BF used to be about friday..and now it's about sales all week..and all the stores post their deals ahead of time now..then they extend the sale..all for revenue..

with christmas, though..i think it's some it's others it's a holiday..i mean..other cultures have different holidays, but they fall around the same you have new years and all that yeah. why is so long? no idea..society?

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Dec 07, 2010


Seems since the economy took a down turn stores are giving people more time to get their shopping done by having the Christmas/Holiday merchandise out so early, agree or not for the people who are living a day at a time I am sure it is a blessing!!

branie (rep: 129k) posted Dec 07, 2010