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Why MODS Removed the Valid Code and Updated the Invalid Code?

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This code was posted as Invalid code. And I comment it before posted.

This was the Valid code and get removed. 

No pay for the valid code and get pay for the invalid code? This how we call DP?

It's Not fair..

psplove posted Nov 09, 2012

I agree with you praveensapkota on this topic..

psplove (rep: 92.6k) posted Nov 09, 2012


I know, since there has been couple of new mods, they might have made mistake, and also I think they want to build reputation so, pushing their own updated deals without heating up or clicks.

I am another victim whose deals are regularly dumped up even though some are far better than FP deals.

This will definitely discourage anyone to post deal, coz every hard works count and if you get dumped then you are alz left behind.

I know this is everyone's word, support if u think so.

Dexterous (rep: 93.5k) posted Nov 09, 2012


So disappointed for all the MODS who doing that.

psplove (rep: 92.6k) posted Nov 09, 2012


I am sure that after they read this Ask & Share it will be addressed. That has been my experience. They are not always verbal about correcting problems but generally, if we bring them up, they get addressed.

erick99 (rep: 415k) posted Nov 09, 2012


Mods make some huge mistakes, I say this from experience. I was disabled from MM for 3 bad coupons. I saw on the site users that not put expiration date or put expired or invalid coupons in a constant mod.

superquasar (rep: 2.1k) posted Nov 10, 2012


Mods should be more aware of these things. They need to be more on top of these issues.

MdavidK30 (rep: 3.6k) posted Nov 10, 2012


Forever 21 actually posted the wrong code on their own site (which is very rare). Since it wasn't the original posters fault for the error, we simply fixed their code. Seemed reasonable to help out a new user, rather than give the credit to a more experienced user like psplove over a small technicality that was out of their hands.

If enough people want us to delete this new user's post please let us know.

Acarone (DealsPlus mod) posted Nov 12, 2012