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Why or why not?

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I've been browsing around deals and I've noticed that not many people go into detail about the deals they post. I add the retailers descriptions to the deals I submit, and I was wondering if anybody else does that, too? And if not, how come? TIA!
daisydeadpetals posted Mar 05, 2011

Sometimes I do. I think it's useful for things like electronics that you would need to look at more closely. But sometimes it's just apparent. For instance, Q tips are Q tips. But TV's vary greatly. I think if it's something that needs more info, then people will click through most of the time anyway.

jdswirsky (rep: 3.6k) posted Mar 05, 2011


When you submit a deal, the name automatically appears as it's part of the URL. You may want to add additional details - if you want to highlight something special. Atleat, that's what I do. Don't think there's any hard or fast rule....

angelsan (rep: 1k) posted Mar 05, 2011


I try to remember to list some fine points like shipping details, refurbished, or if it's a limited time/quantity/color/size deal. Like jdswirsky says tho, mainly people will want to go to site to find out more info if they are currious. Most dealhunters are very aware that companies put restrictions & use fine print on their 'deals'. Usually the rules aren't very Black & White, and can have different variations the buyer needs to decide on. (Ex: first time buyer, orders over $50, cardholders, etc) Sometimes too much information can get confusing.

Brentheriot (rep: 64.9k) posted Mar 05, 2011


I would make a distinction between providing information about a product and information about a deal. Usually the title provides enough detail that people know what the product is, although sometimes a little editing is required. What they usually don't know, though, unless the poster adds the information, are the fine and not-so-fine points such as used or refurbished, high shipping rates, exclusive to certain groups of people, and other restrictions. This is critical information people need in order to evaluate whether a listing is a good deal or not and a when a deal has these kinds of limitations and it's not mentioned in the posting, then the post is inaccurate. I think that part of our job as deal submitters is to screen deals so that prospective buyers don't overlook important information that is sometimes obscured at less-than-ethical websites.

becky457 (rep: 6.4k) posted Mar 06, 2011


I don't usually add details UNLESS it is critical in pointing out that my submission is a good deal. I agree with the others...if it is a product that has standard features, I don't add anything. If it has distinguishing features, I list it.

Just like coupon codes, etc. Other than stating what it does, no description is really necessary.

Ribbit (rep: 15.9k) posted Mar 07, 2011


Well, codes are different. Unless exclusions apply, they're pretty cut and dry with what they do.

But I'm the type where when I'm looking for a quick purchase, I'd like to know all of the details without opening a bunch of pages by clicking through.

As far as DP providing the info for us, yesterday I was trying to submit a designer keychain and all the title said was "keychain" and the pic provided was of the website's logo. (but I decided not to submit it anyways though).

Thanks for the feedback!

daisydeadpetals (rep: 2.9k) posted Mar 07, 2011


Are you talkin' to me?

I add all the detail it needs to fully understand the item and the deal. I figure all other details are available at the click of a mouse.

BigJJ (rep: 21.7k) posted Mar 07, 2011


Huh? No I wasn't taking to anyone specifically, why?

daisydeadpetals (rep: 2.9k) posted Mar 07, 2011