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Wii U or No?

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Has anyone tried the new Wii U?Is it worth it?Is it any good?Looking for a xmas present........maybe.
gbdelivery posted Dec 13, 2012

I haven't played it, but from what i've seen, I think its best to wait for the next generation of systems. Its estimated that they could come out as early as next spring. Those systems will be much better graphically, just like ps3 and 360 were better then the Wii. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it will be fun for awhile, but I almost fell like its to gimicky. Mostly just my opinion.

Here is a link I posted the other day on News about the upcoming new systems. I hope this post helps you and happy gaming!

solowkoe (rep: 5.7k) posted Dec 13, 2012


i went ahead a bought it for my son for his Christmas gift only because thats what he ask for but i would wait since there is not much games out yet and like solowkoe said the other generation game consoles are about to be release also

rd995 (rep: 151k) posted Dec 13, 2012


Beware, if you're planning to gift it to younger kids, the tablet is not too sturdy and there have been reports of cracked screens from small drops.

Retrex (rep: 36.2k) posted Dec 13, 2012


I had one of my young cousins tell me that is what he wants for xmas too, and I had to sit there and talk him out of it from one gamer to another. He knew I wasn't jiving him because I like my games too and have pretty much every system. I think he understood (he's only 9) and agreed. Now I don't know if he will still tell his mom or not. Just trying to help a lil gamer out. Might be able to explain the situation to him or her. Never hurts to try. Whats the worse that can happen? you end up getting what you were going to get anyways? Either way, Merry xmas :) and happy gaming.

solowkoe (rep: 5.7k) posted Dec 13, 2012


I will stop you to spend your money on this. Because I have experienced it.

dealaboo (rep: 46) posted Dec 16, 2012