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Will the 2 year old child loose attachment when it is brought up by grand parents?

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 Are  they  more  attached  towards  grand  parents  when  they  are  away  from  their  parents?
ukaran (L4) posted Apr 09, 2013

I would think that whoever the child lives with there would be a greater attachment. That's not to say the "parents" wouldn't be loved but it's the full time,day to day caregiver that the child will have a greater attachment to.
That's to say for an example if your child goes to day care or even school,that child doesn't become attached (love) the daycare provider or teacher more than the parent.
The influences you have with your child,the caring of,loving words,playtime,kissing boo-boos,and yes,even discipline,family times,all that is what molds and shapes our children.
I'm not sure what the exact situation is that you are facing but as a parent I can sympathize with that worry.
Obviously a lot depends on the home life and the precise situation so it's hard to really answer but I hope this helped a little.

xptrish (L5) posted Apr 10, 2013


I grew up living next door to my grandmom.. i was there everyday, allday and still to today, i'm there everday, w/ my own home and all.. i live in the development right behind her. Me and my parents are extremely close BUT I have a greater attachment to my grandmom!

LisaNtom08 (L4) posted Apr 10, 2013


I had an attachment to my grandma. I spent a lot of time with her till I was about 15. She was somewhat a Mother figure to me in a lot of ways. I don't get to see her much these days so I think I've drifted a little.

lilywow (L5) posted Apr 17, 2013