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Wish Upon a Hero - I wish to raise $500 to donate to @PetsforPatriots in memory of my dog Shep

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My dog Shep passed away last Tuesday (June 19). He had been my constant companion for 14 years. He has help me through some dark times in my life. He was there for me when my grandmother passed away in 2004. I have also struggled with depression but over the last few years I have lost a lot of weight by walking and eating right. I would walk with Shep as much as I could but he started having problems with his hips so I had cut back. He went down pretty fast over the last few days. I was planning to take him to the vet Tuesday but I went out and checked on him and he was gone. There is a group on twitter called @PetsForPatriots that I have helped out with retweets and getting Celebrity followers. Helping them on twitter has also helped me beat my depression. Pets for Patriots helps Veterans and members of the Military with pet adoptions. Many Veterans struggle with depression and PTSD and having a pet that is there for you all the time and doesn't ask for much from you but gives you so much love can be very helpful dealing with depression. I want to try to raise $500 to donate to Pets For Patriots in Shep's memory so that others can know the love that a shelter pet can give.

Here is some links that tell more about Pets For Patriots!/PetsforPatriots
jamesjr55 posted Jun 27, 2012

sorry for your loss. hope shep is with the angels above. may he rest in peace.

gangstabarbie (rep: 21k) posted Jun 27, 2012


I am so sorry that you lost your friend. I am very broke until Friday but I promise that on Friday I will go the petsforpatriots website and make a donation.

erick99 (rep: 433k) posted Jun 27, 2012


Thanks.If you can't afford to donate following @PetsforPatriots on twitter is the next best thing. I am a big fan of the group.

Thanks Erick99

jamesjr55 (rep: 21.8k) posted Jun 27, 2012


Sorry for your loss. I know how tough it can be to lose a dog. he's in.heaven and no longer in any pain.

I adopted a shelter dog this past December and couldnt be happier. The charity you want to donate to looks like a great charity for both dogs.and shelters. I will try to donate some money in the next few days.

He helped u with your depression and he would want u to stay happy. Don't let it get you down. Know that he is in a.better place and looking down on you.

bbattag (rep: 7k) posted Jun 28, 2012


I am sorry for losing your friend.

ancagavs (rep: 18.4k) posted Jul 01, 2012


Wanted to take a second and Thank everybody again! My wish was grated last Friday a grand total of $592 was donated to Pets for Patriots!!

jamesjr55 (rep: 21.8k) posted Jul 26, 2012


Right now, I need everything just to pay my phone bill.
But, I'm sorry for your loss.

MdavidK30 (rep: 3.7k) posted Jul 26, 2012


Thanks MdavidK30 my wish was granted last Friday a total of $592 was donated to Pets For Patriots in Shep's name

jamesjr55 (rep: 21.8k) posted Jul 26, 2012