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Your favorite discontinued item

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I love trying new items. So often I fall in love with an item and before you know it the manufacturer stops making it. Years ago my mom bought me an item called the Neat Sheet. It was a lightweight washable blanket/ground cover made by Kimberly Clark. It's an awesome product. It is my favorite beach accessory.

What items have you fallen in love with only to have them disappear? I love Ebay but hate overpaying for a product just because the manufacturer is too stupid to make it anymore. I wish I could be on consumer focus groups and evaluate and give input on products. What are terrific products that should not have been discontinued?
wonderwoman1969 posted Feb 24, 2013

My discontinued items that I love that I stock up on when priced right are Escadas perfume.... I've always been a fan of escada and if I love the scent I have to buy more than 2 because chances are when I return to buy a new bottle they discontinue the scent.

Nellysg (rep: 448k) posted Feb 25, 2013


Starbucks insulated stainless steel travel coffee mugs. The ones they have now just don't seem to keep things hot as long.

nthsll (rep: 12.5k) posted Feb 25, 2013