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Your Thanksgiving Spread. Discuss!

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So what do you usually do for Thanksgiving? Do you buy everything and make it from scratch? Get it catered? Order food to go? Potluck style? Or make life easy and just eat out? I'm particularly interested in those who get their Thanksgiving meal catered or eat out. Hard to find places that can match up to some good home cookin!
dvinegrace83 posted Nov 03, 2010
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to be honest, my family wasn't ever big on Thanksgiving. i think mainly it's because there's only four of us. my sister, myself, and my two parents. everyone else lives in Thailand. we used to just eat a normal meal, however as my sister and i grew up, we'd have friends that would invite us over for their big family shin-digs.

nowadays, we've been hanging out with that's been nice. it's nice to have that family setting and have that big group in the house. i'm not too used to it, so it's still new to me =).

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Nov 03, 2010