Apple iPhone 3G 8GB for $99, 16GB for $199 (Refurbished)

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What's the matter?
dealcrazy Mar 26, 2009
Have just 2 more months on my current ATT contract. I would like to get an iPhone soon. Is there any way to convince the ATT CSRs to forgive the rest of the contract period and commit for 2 more years of iPhone contract? Any advice would be appreciated.
Mar 26, 2009
isn't is cheaper at Wal Mart or Best Buy?
grugru Mar 26, 2009
Do they have refurbished iPhones?
trauk Mar 25, 2009
Without a contract, the monthly cost is still the same correct? Just trying to understand paying much more just to not have a 2-year contract.
civic07 Mar 25, 2009
yea it all adds up to the same, but pay as you go, is much better because you only pay for the days you use it.
ginderman101 Mar 25, 2009
Just for insight. this is not an exclusive deal this is the new price for refurb Iphones for good.
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wilsonshi Mar 25, 2009
Right, wait till bare iphone and maybe we can use the live dot com cash back to get up to 25% cash back on att purchase. Maybe plus your credit card cash back, even better.
civic07 Mar 25, 2009
Just wait till tommrrow they att is going to sell them with out a contract. Prices 8GB = $599 & 16GB= $699
McMerc Mar 25, 2009
iphone contract is unbelievably expensive. I have the 2g iphone and pay around $70 a months
Norbs Mar 25, 2009
confusing title... has 1 price and 2 different models.
dlkmadness Mar 25, 2009
the iPhone contract is too expensive.
dripdd Mar 25, 2009
2yr contract required.