Arrested Development - Seasons 1-3 Bundle

Get Seasons 1, 2, and 3 for just $26.99 + FREE shipping
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What's the matter?
blackfoot Sep 07, 2012
This is a great show, used to watch it all the time. Good deal
unrealnighthawk Sep 07, 2012
Nice! Nabbed. Glad I got it before Amazon starts charging sales tax in CA:
zoneric Sep 07, 2012
I've seen a few episodes I think, but do not really know the plot. Is it a good TV show?
unrealnighthawk Sep 07, 2012
Yes, it's a hilarious stand alone series with deeply tangled sub-plots. In other words, any episode will be funny, but the more other episodes you see the more inside jokes you'll recognize.
zoneric Sep 08, 2012
thanks. I'll give it a try. I like comedies.
outz Sep 07, 2012
++ this show is fantastic. all of the seasons are on netflix instant if you're interested. netflix is apparently picking it up for a 4th season.
AdRiAn0 Sep 07, 2012
They are working on a movie of it because the show is just that great with an amazing cast.
redradishes Sep 07, 2012
This is the best show in the world and probably even the entire universe.
kidamnesiac Sep 07, 2012
It's amazing. Definitely worth this price, I just wish they would release a blu-ray version.
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ancagavs Sep 07, 2012
I haven't seen this show (like a lot others). is it good?