ATI HDTV Wonder PCI TV Tuner with Remote

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AlienwareFX Apr 27, 2007
cant wait for the next football season where the jets face the giants on the superbowl
nimrodboy3 Apr 26, 2007
Alive again for $69 AR
defyfate Oct 30, 2006
yeah, and its not natively MCE compatible. You need 3rd party drivers to get this to work with media center, or, another tuner in your system.

Thanks windows. :]
Lightbulb42 Oct 09, 2006
I own one of these. Gotta agree with Mortabus, hardware is good, ATI software suks.
diggplus Oct 09, 2006
$10 off $30 GOogle checkout will end in 10/31.
Mortabus Aug 30, 2006
Your friend sounds like a pretty neat guy, I would like to see his setup. :-) (and yes the hdtv wonder is nice, bundled ati software is crap, but the hardware works very well, I recommend Beyond TV for the software and supposedly there is some open source software options that work well too)
nebulous Aug 30, 2006
My best friend Mortabus uses this. He says it works great! =) I've seen his setup...I'd have to agree.