3.5mm LED FM Transmitter Car Kit with LCD

3.5mm LED FM Transmitter Car Kit with LCD
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Sep 12, 2012
As Erick pointed out, it's cheap as all get out, but it is what it is.

I have this same model, and it does ok in a pinch every once in a while (which is how often I use it). It takes fiddling with, but it's been ok for me. And hasn't been too quiet in my experience.
Sep 12, 2012
You have to be careful with low cost FM transmitters. They only work on a few frequencies and the output is very weak. I tried a model like the one above it didn't work at all. I could hear a faint signal but that was it. I bought one for about $25 on Amazon (retail was about $40) and the signal is perfect and I can choose any FM frequency.

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