This deal is expired!
The deal below has expired, but no worries. You can still check out available coupons and "follow" the store to receive alerts for future offers.

Best Buy | $50 Off $100 in-stores with Mastercard

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What's the matter?
Smartshopper101 Jan 22, 2013
Best Buy Sucks Would not take then told it was a one day promotion
barleybear Jan 22, 2013
Look I dont care about the Gift Cards just allow the deal to go through all week. Redo the Flyer make it last all week thats the right thing to do. Yes some people got lucky and took advantage of the mistake that BB had made. Good for them, but now Best BUy is about to piss a lot of people off by refusing us the ability to purchase items that we were going to later in the week. Best Buy should own up and allow the coupon (with restrictions) for the rest of week. I mean obviously no GC's and adjust certain other items. But they should still allow people to receive that deal. If they somehow dont follow through with this I CAN DEFINITILEY see this happening

Look I dont want 16k iI just wantd to get $50 off my computer purchase and now I dont get nothing!!!!
barleybear Jan 22, 2013
So went to Best Buy today to use coupon and they said it had expired and also could not use it for Gift Cards. Its funny how his copy looked almost brand new like it was sent out this morning in an email to cover the bases of everyone involved (Best Buy & Mastercard) I Find it funny how every copy of this coupon I have seen says it does not expire until the 27th yet when I went to the store their copy said only good for yesterday. I THINK BB AND MASTERCARD SCREWED THE POOCH on this one!!!!!!!
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chuckydealpl Jan 22, 2013
why is this expired?, was able to print another copy and used it a BB with no problem
barleybear Jan 22, 2013
what BB???
shimisi Jan 22, 2013
You're fortunate to have been able to use it with no problem. Many others like myself got turned down at the store and/or were given preconditions that were not originally indicated.
danny8787 Jan 22, 2013
My friend went to BB last night and this coupon is not working! they said this coupon was mailed out to people who got an invitation. so if you do not have invitation, it will not work. Manager was there and their answer was NO.
kennyminot Jan 22, 2013
Deal is dead:

Of course, you can go and make everyone's life miserable by trying to get them to honor the coupon, but I wouldn't do that.
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vimalr Jan 21, 2013
this is an awesome deal with master card. 50$ off
jeffm22 Jan 21, 2013
I took the coupon into the store and they had reissued it under different terms (must be a single REGULARLY priced item over $100 - and only good for one day not 7. Probably still a good deal but sucks they dont honor what they offered and this place has all the signs of a company in a death spiral
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sra0263 Jan 21, 2013
terms changed coupon is now valid only today (1/21)
kffight3r Jan 21, 2013
nice deal...too bad I dont have a MC
iAdil_ Jan 21, 2013
dhanda Jan 21, 2013
there is another inclusion exclusion list in shop, laptops are neither in inclusion nor in exclusion list so not valid for this offer.
iAdil_ Jan 21, 2013
Just got an update.. i got a call from the Public Department Relation.. he said they have updated the coupon and now does not work on Gift Cards... sucks.. but a few people got lucky....
fluffy Jan 21, 2013
I'm only getting the BB home page, no matter what I do!
shaha466 Jan 21, 2013
I am able to see the pdf page using chrome browser.
fluffy Jan 21, 2013
It finally worked on my Galaxy Tab 2, but not on my PC. So many exclusions, it's like shopping at Macy's! Strange that gift cards are not excluded. I wonder if I can pull that off.
chuckydealpl Jan 22, 2013
seems to still work, just tried in Firefox and IE and coupon appeared in pdf format
Jtelford Jan 21, 2013
wow that is amazing!!!!
shimisi Jan 21, 2013
Sweet. Heard about this from a buddy too. This deal is getting pretty wild!
iAdil_ Jan 21, 2013
I went to 2 Best Buys.. Union, NJ and Birdgewater, NJ.. both turned me away.. I called BestBuy over the phone. Spoke to their Public Relation Department.. He said the coupon is valid.. I asked him about Gift Cards because the coupon doesnt say anything. He said yes it will work on Gift Cards... I went to the Bridgewater, NJ as he called the store and got 1 gift card worth 100 for 50.... Not sure if all stores will get it.. I know some people that got $1100 worth of gift cards for $550... so yea.. Luck of the Draw i guess.. but no where in the coupon it says gift cards are restricted..
psplove Jan 21, 2013
Good to know it works on Gift Cards. Thank You so much.
chuckydealpl Jan 21, 2013
worked for me, lucky i saw this before i ordered on-line. thanks for sharing.
YesBoss Jan 21, 2013
Coupon Say In-store, How Come You Got Thru Online?
chuckydealpl Jan 21, 2013
i was going to order online, then i saw this coupon
chuckydealpl Jan 21, 2013
so i'll be using this in the store instead
ffitch847 Jan 21, 2013
tried it copy and past and clicking link, just getting best buy home page.
Dexterous Jan 21, 2013
Most of the things are restricted, still great deal
helloamy1977 Jan 21, 2013
I hope my new paypal card with the mastercard logo on it works. I dont want to miss out on this!
shopange08 Jan 21, 2013
Holy cow! Really??? This is an AWESOME deal! Thanks!
zacharyzblewski Jan 21, 2013
Great deal! I've got some Best Buy gift cards to spend, so I might as well spend a little more using my Mastercard and get another $50 worth for free.
aznballa161 Jan 21, 2013
this is awesome. lots of exclusions but you can definitely find some stuff. thanks!
rd995 Jan 21, 2013
wow this is a great coupon thanks for posting
blackfoot Jan 21, 2013
Sweet discount, lots of exclusions but I think I can find something to buy:)
mnvikings11 Jan 21, 2013
How is this NOT on the FP, I'll be using this more then a few times.
zarrow Jan 21, 2013
Do you think this will work for buying gift cards? I don't see them listed in the exclusion area of the coupon.
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coolguy9379 Jan 21, 2013
I hope so... I'm going to give it a try! :)
wdjdac Jan 21, 2013
Best Buy is offering $50.00 off $100.00 Purchase at Best Buy When You Use Mastercard. Print coupon and redeem at your local Best Buy store. Exclusions apply. Valid 1/21/13–1/27/13 only at Best Buy® stores.
themoneyman1113 Jan 21, 2013
That's a good deal, bust out those Mastercards :--) Thanks for sharing.
YesBoss Jan 21, 2013
Link Showing Me Their Main Page, OP Can You Check .
MrBklynW Jan 21, 2013
yeah don't know whats wrong, it was working earlier, just copy and paste for now=)
omegafemale Jan 21, 2013
firefox and explorer are having trouble locating this coupon. I can see it when i copy/paste into Chrome, thanks!!! ;)
psplove Jan 21, 2013
It's not showing info get $50 off $100. Can you tell us the link? Thanks!
MrBklynW Jan 21, 2013
?...its a printable coupon
psplove Jan 21, 2013
I don't see the Printable coupon when I click the link.
MrBklynW Jan 21, 2013
link works fine for me
psplove Jan 21, 2013
When I click on the link, It going to bestbuy homepage.
MrBklynW Jan 21, 2013
dunno it was working earlier, try to repost, goes back to bestbuy page. copy and paste