Harbor Freight Black Friday 2018 Ad, Sale & Deals

Black Friday Sale begins 7am November 23, 2018
Online Black Friday Sale begins 12am November 23, 2018
Harbor Freight was once again the first to release their Black Friday ad! You can check out the 8-page ad below!

Harbor Freight offers affordable tools of all kinds, including power tools, air tools and hand tools. While Harbor Freight may not be open on Thanksgiving, the 3-day Black Friday 2018 Sale will have extended hours where shoppers can find the cheapest deals and discounts on items such as toolkits, generators, solar panels, and more! Harbor Freight Black Friday sale begins 7am November 23, 2018. But be sure to pay attention to their ad, as it says there will be no lines before 8am and no waiting overnight!

Where to find the best deals

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Harbor Freight Deals in this Ad