monoprice Black Friday 2020 Ad, Sale & Deals

Black Friday Sale begins soon! Past sale began 11/25/15
Online Black Friday Sale begins soon! Past sale began 11/24/15
monoprice's last Black Friday sale began in 2015 around 12am on November 24th. Please check back soon, and if there is an ad available for 2019, we’ll post it here! Check out the monoprice 4-page Black Friday 2015 ad below to get an idea of what you can expect if there is an ad for 2019. In the meantime, you can find savings on the monoprice page on DealsPlus!

From Black Friday 2015
Save money and get the cheapest prices on everything tech over Monoprice Black Friday. As one of the most leading independent online retailers of electronics accessories, shoppers are sure to find the best Monoprice Black Friday deals, sales and specials for additional discounts on already low priced items including HDMI cables, security systems, computer accessories, home theater, networking, audio, and various gadgets. Plus, check out the official Monoprice Black Friday ad 2015 here so you can get extra promo codes, learn about store hours, and see exactly which deals will be available this year. We'll continue to update this page with everything you need to know, including ways to score massive savings on the latest gadgets from the world of technology. The Monoprice Black Friday sale is set to begin soon! Past sale began 11/25/15.
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2020 ad coming soon! Ad below is from 2015