27 Netflix Hacks That'll Make Your Life Easier cover image
Following a few of these Netflix hacks and tips will have you spending less time browsing and more time watching. See how you can add Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB reviews in Netflix and learn how this chat tool will help you Netflix long distance. READ MORE
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Take a look at these clever ideas for Halloween costumes this year! Find costume ideas from your favorite TV shows, clever and creative costumes and get decked out for that Halloween party now.
Amazon Will Ban Paid Reviews to Improve Your Buying Experience cover image
For a while, companies were giving away free or deeply-discounted products to users in exchange for "honest" reviews by shoppers on Amazon. Because most reviews seemed favorable, they weren't always reliable and Amazon was beginning to take notice. The e-commerce giant has since banned paid reviews to improve the buying experience for shoppers everywhere.
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The month of October is dedicated to all things Halloween (or it should be), but the best way to spend this creepy month is to curl up on your couch and indulge in iconic Halloween films. Before the month is over, add these movies to your must-watch list, whether you're searching for something family friendly or something that will completely scare your socks off.
Kohl's New Payment App is Going to Make Your Life SO Much Easier cover image
Kohl's has launched a brand new app to remain competitive in this tech burst. The Kohl's Pay app now lets shoppers pay with their smartphone, and it holds special offers, store credit card information, rewards, Kohl's Cash, and more. The app can be used to make purchases in-store and online, so it saves time and money.
Netflix November 2016 Arrivals & Departures cover image
Check out the latest movies and series to hit Netflix in the month of November. Get ready for family-friendly flicks such as The Jungle Book and Paddington, and of course, the ultimate throwback, Gilmore Girls. We're also letting you know everything that will be leaving Netflix in November!
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Ramen is good any time of the year and instant ramen can get boring easily. Even if you're lazy, these few things can add quite a kick to your ramen! From bacon to cheese (yes cheese), take a look at the entire list now!
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Check out the latest list of Netflix original movies and series coming November 2016. The long-anticipated four-part event of Gilmore Girls kicks off on November 25, and you'll encounter a list of brand new series that are sure to be a hit among numerous audiences.
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Use your first credit card carelessly, and you could wind up damaging your credit and paying avoidable interest and fees. Learn the basics of how credit cards work and how to pay them, however, and they could become a valuable financial tool. Here's what you should know.
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Ever wonder what Trader Joe's beauty products are the best? Here, you'll find the top 15 beauty products from Trader Joe's private label that are a win-win all around. From body wash to moisturizer, see what's good at your local Trader Joe's beauty aisle.
Amazon Offering Free $30 Credit, Just Take a Picture! cover image
Amazon is offering Prime members the chance to get free $30 Amazon credit and guess what? It's incredibly simple. All you have to do is upload a photo. See more details now.