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10 Best Businesses for Resolving Customer Service Issues

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August 07, 2018 · 500 Views

Have you ever been to a restaurant or store and experienced a problem?
The waitress was rude, unattentive, or short-changed you on your bill? Perhaps you shopped online and after all that time you spent looking for an item and finally paying for it, you find out that it wasn’t the color or size you ordered, or even worse, it arrived dirty and damaged?
Well, you don’t have to take this type of service lying down! You have options and remedies.

Options for Resolving Customer Service Issues

  1. Dispute your bill with your credit card company or bank (With this option, they more than likely will advise you to do #2 or #3 before they will act on your dispute).
  2. Call customer service and directly discuss the problem with them.
  3. If your problem was at a restaurant or you didn’t get the problem resolved at store level, ask to speak to the manager or call the corporate office.
  4. Return your item to the store and request an exchange or refund.

10 Best Businesses for Resolving Customer Service Issues

Having said this, in my own experience, and without giving details of the problems involved, 10 of the best stores and restaurants to have your customer service problems resolved in a timely manner, and have real-action taken, are as follows:

  1. AT&T
  2. Black Angus
  3. Chipotle
  4. Famous Dave’s
  5. Little Caesars Pizza
  6. Payless Shoe Store
  7. Starbucks
  8. Target
  9. Walmart
  10. Zumiez

The above named businesses demonstrated their willingness and ability to resolve problems quickly and with consideration. If I had to choose the top 3 places from the list, I’d have to say that Starbucks, Target and Zumiez were the 3 stores that shine above the rest.

You have options on where to shop and the places you choose to do business with. All establishments know this fact, whether you’re spending your money online or in-store. So, if you have a problem, you can usually get it worked out. Many companies do care about their customers and are willing to work on the quirks, kinks and other issues you may encounter while shopping/dining. But, if you deal with a business that doesn’t respond to a problem you may have at any time, simply stop shopping there, as they are not worth your time or the money you work hard for.


Have you experienced a problem with one of the businesses listed in this article? If so, did they resolve your issue in a timely manner? Leave a comment below about your own personal experiences.

Big thank you to community blogger blackfoot for this informative article. When she's not blogging, she's submitting great deals and coupons on DealsPlus, which you can find here. Also, if you wish to follow her directly, check out her Twitter account here.

bree7e5h ago
nice paper
carlos58710 days ago
Worth sharing post. I would like to mention one of a Spanish store Maximo Moto. They have a great customer care and issue resolving ability.
jannvasquez10 days ago
Really insightful post! It's definitely nice to have places you know will take care of you if something goes wrong with your shopping experience. And I agree, most of these places I've shopped at and have had good customer service experiences.
Tonglu11 days ago
nice articel!
SallyBowie13 days ago
nice articel!
ammuller13 days ago
Great post @blackfoot! I have to agree that Black Angus is one of the best restaurants for their customer service :)
I also have to add that I've never had a problem with Trader Joe's customer service! They're one of the best, in my opinion.
DealsorNoDeals13 days ago
Great article blackfoot! :) I also agree that Target is great with resolving customer service issues!
Mammoth13 days ago
I would add the following for top businesses for resolving customer service issues:
1. T-Mobile
2. In-n-out
3. Souplantation
blackfoot13 days ago
I've never had a problem at In & Out. Their double doubles, vanilla shakes & fries are perfect every time. Gotta Love In & Out and it's only a West Coast thing.

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