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10 Cool Facts About Costco’s Kirkland Signature

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September 08, 2015 · 3k Views


Costco is the mecca for purchasing all types of goods in bulk quantities. You can find food, clothing, home goods, and more in quality and high quantity, but most notably, you will find their Kirkland Signature brand. Currently, Kirkland Signature hosts more than 300 items around Costco. The most impressive aspect about Kirkland Signature is that the quality of their products actually surpasses that of the premium brands. Take a look at what shoppers are boldly proclaiming to see for yourself!

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There are still a ton of cool facts to know about Kirkland Signature! Curious? Check them out below!


1. Many of Their Products Outrank the Premium Brands

Essentials like meat, batteries, and laundry detergent have competed with the bigger brands and have come out victorious in terms of taste, performance, or both. The best part is you can grab Kirkland products at a fraction of the cost.


2. It Was Created to Provide Quality with a Discount

The company was eager to create a brand that customers could easily recognize, and more importantly, a brand whose affordability would not come at the cost of quality. Their result: a massive product line that is still going strong even 20 years after its debut.


3. Their Quality Is Guaranteed

Costco is extremely proud of Kirkland Signature, and they definitely aren’t just saying that for show. As a matter of fact, they are so confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase, that they created the Kirkland Guarantee – they will offer you money back on every single product if it doesn’t meet your standards.


4. They Sell Practically Everything

Whether you’re looking for baby supplies, luggage, or car batteries, Kirkland Signature most likely produces it and sells it for less and in better quality than the competition. It’s their way of selling all types of consumer goods (just like Costco) while still offering unbeatable prices.


5. It’s Sold On Amazon

If you aren’t a Costco member, you can still shop like one on Amazon. They offer free shipping for Amazon Prime members and if you aren’t a member, spend $35 or more to receive free shipping on qualifying items. This is a perfect option for anyone who doesn’t have a Costco in their vicinity, or who doesn’t want to pay Costco’s annual fee for members.


6. The Brand Is Named After Costco’s Former Headquarters

From 1987 to 1996, Costco’s headquarters was based out of Kirkland, Washington. In recognition of their former location, Costco decided to name this signature brand after its hometown. Kirkland Signature was actually launched in Kirkland in 1995.


7. They Make Fancy Gasoline

It’s true. Costoc’s gasoline is created with five times the EPA-required deposit control additive. This means it’s environmentally friendly and it’s car friendly. Even better, their gasoline contained these additives way before it was legally required.


8. They Have Their Own Signature Chevy Silverado

As outrageous as it sounds, we’re being serious. You can buy this limited edition truck only if you are a Costco member. And you might want to consider this vehicle – it’s a luxury edition that contains all the bells and whistles of a fancy truck. We also think it’s fair to assume that this purchase comes with a good amount of fuel points.


9. Some New Products are Seasonal or Short-Lived

Products that are being tested or products that aren’t selling well will be marked as “seasonal.” With this method, these goods are allowed to test the market or push shoppers to buy them. This helps Costco keep prices low by not stacking their shelves with less popular items.


10. They Implement Co-Branding

In order to maintain their trustworthiness, Costco will co-brand with additional items. This means they place their signature label on items that aren’t necessarily made by Kirkland, but have been Kirkland tested and approved.


How many of these facts did you know prior to reading this? Regardless, you’re equipped with this knowledge now!


by Daisy Tran
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