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10 Easy Hacks to Beautifully Organize Your Kitchen

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February 13, 2016 · 4.5k Views

I think a happy home stems largely in the kitchen. It might be the single room in the house where everyone gathers multiple times a day, and more times than not, you face a hungry crowd. Being able to access your kitchen utensils and accessories easily is key to creating a stress-free zone when cooking.

Whether you have 30 minutes to whip up dinner or all the time in the world (but let's be real), there's no doubt that kitchen organization hacks are welcomed by everyone. Check out the list to see what will work for you:


1. Shelves and glass/plastic containers

I cannot emphasize the utility of shelves if you have empty wall space. What makes them even better is stacking them with containers that you can see through easily and labeling them. Everything is out in the open, and you're not maniacally opening and closing cabinet doors and unscrewing and screwing container lids to find flour in fear of confusing it with baking powder or sugar. Stop that - you're inflicting unnecessary stress on yourself. Get some shelves, find some jars of every size, and get labeling!

Check out this DIY Kitchen Jar Shelves Tutorial from Ella Claire Inspired.


2. Magnetic Spice Storage

Spice containers come in all different sizes and shapes, and sometimes, storing them in one location can just get tricky. Luckily, there's a hack for getting the spices in uniform containers and making them easily accessible. Introducing, magnets. Just kidding, but seriously - magnets are a life saver in the kitchen.

Check out how Emma and Elsie made a simple and functional magnetic spice storage.

3. Magnetic Knife Strip

Your knives are probably in a knife block or tossed somewhere in a drawer (which could potentially be dangerous...). A knife block takes up counter space (and you have to remember which knife is in which slot), and the knives don't need to take up drawer space. A magnetic knife strip serves as visible, reachable storage for these choppers. It doesn't take up much room, and the knives are so easy to grab and place!

Learn how to make a DIY Rustic Magnetic Knife Strip for your kitchen.

4. Mason Jar Organizer

If you want to make a trendy kitchen, use mason jars to organize all your kitchen utensils. You can either reuse old mason jars or buy some (inexpensive on DealsPlus!), then paint them to make them easily distinguishable.

See this super easy DIY for this set of Colorful Mason Jars.

5. Behind-the-Door Measuring Cup Chalkboard

I'm a little obsessed with this idea and a little upset that I haven't seen this until now. 1. I'm usually scrambling to find my 1/4 cup measuring cup, and 2. Sometimes I search measuring equivalents in Google (sometimes = more times than I'd like to admit). This is such an easy way of resolving both issues, and it looks pretty good, too! I love the chalkboard effect.

Make your own Measuring Equivalent Cabinet Door using chalkboard paint, leftover molding, and some hooks.

6. Tip Out Sink

This is another one of those things I wish I knew about sooner. I absolutely hate leaving my sponge out in the open - it grosses me out. This tip out sink clears your kitchen of excess clutter, and it keeps your items in a convenient location. Best part about it, you can get this tip out kit starting at just $14.18 on Amazon.

7. Shelves and Undershelf Baskets

So I've already emphasized the importance of shelves, but there are some different types of shelves that are useful in taking advantage of all the space in your kitchen. Stackable shelves are great if you have minimal width but great height. These shelves from The Container Store are great, and start at only $11.99 each.

To make wall shelves even more useful, add undershelf baskets. They're perfect for storing mugs, cups, linens, and more. This basket from The Container Store starts at only $6.99.

8. Drawer Organizers

This is one simple organization hack that is a huge help. There are plenty of drawer organizers you could buy, but making one might save you money and you can customize it to your kitchen's needs. Check out these ideas for all kinds of kitchen organization:

Find this inexpensive, DIY tutorial here.


9. Rod Under the Sink

Do you love to clean? That probably means you have bottles on bottles of cleaning solutions in your kitchen. Avoid tossing them into a cabinet and creating clutter, and instead, install a rodd under your kitchen sink and hang the bottles. Easy fix, and you are building more space by going vertical!

10. Racks

Pot racks, mug racks - anything that can hang can easily be racked. You can upcycle plenty of items around and outside the house to make a rack. Using your kitchen walls is a great way to decorate and eliminate clutter in areas you will need while you cook (i.e. the counter).

Having a ladder-like rack makes it convenient for people of all heights!

Here's a simple and chic DIY Wire Pot Rack from Remodelista.

Refunk My Junk shows us how to repurpose this ladder to make an easy DIY Pot Rack for just $40.

Learn how to install a Pegboard Pot Rack.


There are tons of ways to stylishly organize your kitchen without sacrificing your aesthetic goals. Happy organizing!


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lilyangFeb 17, 2016
The measuring cup chalkboard is so cool! Except my handwriting looks terrible so it wouldn't look as good in reality :/
juillet27Feb 16, 2016
These are cute & useful tips!! Thanks :)

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