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10 Gifts That Are Commonly Re-Gifted

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December 16, 2015 · 1.9k Views

We know that it is not always easy to buy a shiny brand-new gift for everyone on your list. We also know that often times, gifts can leave you feeling…well, disappointed. As if you needed another picture frame to add to the dusty stacks hiding in your closet, right?

As much as we may cringe on the inside when unwrapping these types of gifts, the holidays are about having a cheerful spirit. So we smile, we hug, we say thank you, and we move on – brushing the negative thoughts to the side in exchange for the gift-givers everlasting satisfaction. But, unbeknownst to said gift-giver, a brilliant and frugal plan is brewing in your mind to re-wrap your gift and pass it along to the next person.

These types of gifts come in very specific forms, sometimes haunting our hopes and dreams of getting a brand new iPhone. Maybe it’s your intention to buy these types of gifts to save money for the better ones (See also: How to Give Holiday Gifts on a Budget), or maybe you’ve been showered in endless amounts of them. Either way, we’ve put together a list of the most commonly re-gifted items that we see each year.


1. Candles

They come in large sizes, small sizes, sets of four, and even boxes of 30! Candles can be found in almost any store, and you can even customize candles at YankeeCandle.com.

2. Books

Books come in all forms – coffee table books, kids’ books, digital books, hardcover, softcover, photo books, etc. It’s even possible to buy used books for a really great deal.

3. Wine

Wine is a standard and common gift to bring to dinner parties and holiday celebrations. Some people even choose to personalize their labels!

4. Inexpensive Jewelry

Cheap jewelry and trinkets are often given to add some fluff to a gift, or as a last minute idea. These can be picked up literally everywhere, from Michaels to Forever21.

5. Gift Cards

Gift cards make everyone happy, and they are commonly given when the recipient is a bit more mysterious and hard to figure out.

6. Pajamas

Pajamas are truly comfy and great for sleeping. They tend to be over-gifted during the holidays, especially in cold-weather locations.

7. Soaps

Soaps are easy to make and even easier to purchase as they are commonly found in stores around the holidays. Holiday scented soaps like Christmas Tree, Apple Cinnamon, and Peppermint are the most popular scents to gift for the holidays.

8. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets usually contain various food items that appeal to just about anyone. Always check for expiration dates!

9. Fragrances

A popular last-minute gift idea, and easily found in any department store or even in drugstores like Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid. Shopping for perfumes online often leads to the lowest prices.

10. Picture Frames

This is the number one most re-gifted item over the holidays. Most people have turned to social media and photo-sharing websites for viewing and storing photos nowadays.


If you planned on giving all of these gifts, and are now feeling discouraged, have no fear. There are always ways to personalize and improve upon ordinary items bought in store. Even something as simple as creating your own special gift wrapping can spice things up!.

Afraid you’ve purchased something that will be re-gifted? Or did this list inspire you to want to create something original? There are tons of do-it-yourself gifts that are sure to be loved.

If you’re looking at this list because you need some gift ideas that won’t break the bank, we’ve got some really awesome ideas for you, 100 to be exact! See also: 100 Free Gifts People Actually Want to get some smart ideas.

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I'm Florida native who relocated to California in 2014. When I am not exploring the beautiful scenery of the West Coast, I enjoy seeing live music of all types, doing acrobatic yoga, and helping others save money!

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