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Stellar Christmas Gifts For Kids That Are Not Toys

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December 09, 2017 · 4.9k Views

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Christmas gifts for kids will most likely be toys. Maybe it’s that one Disney Moana doll or the LEGO set they’ve been eyeing. But you know what? We say ditch the typical toy gifts this year and get the kids something they’ll enjoy doing plus pick up skills along the way. These are great Christmas craft for kids (among alternate gifting options) to help them branch out into hobbies and discover new activities that will last a lifetime.

Take a look at our list of non-toy gift ideas for the kids this Christmas. There are some fun activity ideas that are perfect for enjoying Christmas day together with your little ones.


Exercise classes

exercise class

Classes are always a fun investment for kids to get active, develop new skills, and socialize. With options like karate, ballet, piano, or little league, enrolling your child in classes will help keep them from computer screens and allow them more time making friends and getting exercise. However, we know classes can be expensive. The best places to look for kids classes are Groupon and LivingSocial. Both sites offer classes at discounted rates (for kids and adults) so you can buy it on a trial basis with no commitment.



KiwiCo STEAM Kits

If you think your child is a budding engineer or artist, consider investing in STEAM projects to stimulate their minds. STEAM stands for Science, Tech, Engineering, Art & Design, and Math, so these projects are designed to be fun, engaging, and most importantly, educational. A great company that offers these learning kits is KiwiCo, who promote hands-on learning with projects tailored to every age group. Click here to find coupons for KiwiCo from DealsPlus!


DIY Arts & Crafts

diy drum and kazoo set

Get the instructions from It's Always Autumn

One of our favorite activities during any season is finding cool crafts and projects to make from Pinterest. You can literally search any sort of activities for you to do with your kids and then pop over to Michaels or Hobby Lobby for affordable supplies. What’s best is kids can end up making their own toys and games, so much so that they won’t even miss store-bought toys! However, if you prefer having all the materials readily available (a huge stress-reliever), many retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon offer arts & crafts sets - check out some of our favorites:


Kitchen Date

kitchen date

The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, and one of the best ways to do that is by whipping up something delicious together in the kitchen. Hand over a recipe book filled with cherished family recipes or make new ones together. You can teach children about numbers with measuring cups and timers, as well as have them work on refining their motor skills as they put their small hands to work. Pinterest is also a great place to look for recipes!


Tickets to a Show

kids show

Image Source: Shaw Air Force Base

At this time of the year, you can find some exciting shows near your local performing arts center, local museums, or Christmas in the park light shows. These would certainly make a fun outing with the kids! This show will definitely make for good memories for the whole family. Where to find deals on tickets to events? Our go-to, as usual, Groupon or LivingSocial!



kids apparel

If your child has reached the age where individuality is the topic of discussion, why not give him or her the opportunity to shop for a new look? Giving a child the liberty to personalize their wardrobe will make them feel more confident and ready to take on the world. This holiday, give the gift of a small shopping spree - even if it’s only one top, your child will feel so grown knowing they chose it on their own!


Pottery Workshops

kids pottery workshops

Get creative with the kids one afternoon by taking them to a pottery workshop. Places like Petroglyph and Color Me Mine offer all the supplies you will need to decorate a mug, jewelry tray, bowl, and much more. It’s a great way for kids to exert their energy into something creative, and best of all, you don’t have to clean their mess!



kid books

Getting kids to enjoy books is a tough feat in the midst of a technology-driven world. Bring them to a bookstore and have them choose their own books. Once they enter the kids’ section, they’ll be amazed by the selection, colors, and illustrations. Let them explore different genres and expand their interests. A library is also a great spot to be this holiday!


Family Outing

family outing

What child wouldn’t be excited to head out on a fun-filled family outing? Whether it’s a day at the amusement park, a museum trip, or a multi-day excursion at a campsite, get your kids out and about so they can learn more about the world around them.


Personalized Gifts

personalized gifts

Image by Personal Creations via Flickr

Personalizing a gift is thoughtful and makes the recipient more inclined to like the gift. Check out the personalization services on Shutterfly and Zazzle with your child then spend some time designing a shirt, mug, sweater, or blanket together. The anticipation of it arriving in the mail will be so thrilling!


Instant Camera

polaroid snap instant digital camera

Image Source: Target

Kids tend to be pretty adventurous so aren't you curious to see the world through their eyes with a little instant photography? You might be the little push that helps them discover that photography is their calling. Check out a few instant camera options below!


Find anything that catches your eye? If you need a little more help with Christmas gift ideas, check out the rest of our gift guides below! Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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