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Stellar Christmas Gifts For Kids That Are Not Toys!

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December 10, 2016 · 1.5k Views

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Christmas gifts for kids will most likely be toys. Maybe it’s that one Disney Frozen Elsa doll or the LEGO set they’ve been eyeing. But you know what? We say ditch the typical toy gifts this year and get the kids something they’ll enjoy doing plus pick up skills along the way. These are great Christmas craft for kids (among alternate gifting options) to help them branch out into hobbies and discover new activities that will last a lifetime.

Take a look at our list of non-toy gift ideas for the kids this Christmas. There are some fun activity ideas that are perfect for enjoying Christmas day together with your little ones.




Classes are always a fun investment for kids to get active, develop new skills and socialize. Tons of classes are available like karate, ballet, piano or little league. Classes will help keep kids away from computer screens and more time spent outside making friends and getting some activity in is never a bad thing. However, classes can be expensive, we know. The best place to look for kids classes (in our opinion) and an ideal way to go about it is to look up classes on Groupon and LivingSocial. Both site popularly offers classes at discounted rates (for kids and adults) so you can buy it on a trial basis with no commitment.


Arts and Crafts


With the rise of Pinterest, there’s an abundance of really awesome DIY activities out there by creative parents like yourself! Drop by your local Michaels and AC Moore to pick up a customized arts and craft gift set. You can also find art and craft set from major stores like Walmart and online retailers like Amazon. See some of our picks below: 

STAR Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium for $11.99
STAR Play-Doh Fun Tub for $11.99
STAR Darice 131-Piece Premium Art Set with Wood Box for $29.99
STAR Tot Tutors 2-in-1 Plastic Building Block Compatible Activity Table and 2 Chairs Set for $29.99 


DIY Fort, Tents, Teepees and Playhouses


So this one is bound to be lots of fun! You can select from the following great DIY tutorials and put together a fort gift set for your kid(s). Crack this baby open, build it on Christmas morning and at night, they can watch a Christmas movie from the comfort of their own fort. Check out this amazing no-sew teepee that you can make under an hour from Julie Blanner!


Baking Date


Who hasn’t met a kid not curious about baking time in the kitchen? Pick up a few ingredients and bake easy sweets like cookies for Christmas! We also highly recommend picking up some decorating icing and whatnot for more fun time in the kitchen. Here are a few must-try cookie recipes we found:

STAR 14 Easy No-Bake Pie Recipes
STAR 20 Recipes for Chocolate Chip Lovers
STAR 13 Microwave Mug Cakes Recipes

Handmade Book of Coupons


This is a fun idea. Have you seen those coupon books for couples at Barnes and Noble and other bookstores? Make your own version especially for kids. Here are some coupon ideas:

Ideas for Kids Coupon Book Gift:


 Get out of chore duties free!

 Movie night with your choice of snacks

 Pick your favorite dinner

 Breakfast for dinner night

 Game night (your choice of games)

 Get creative!


Tickets to Shows


At this time of the year, you can find some exciting shows near your local performing arts center, local museums or Christmas in the park light shows. These would certainly make for a fun day out with the kids! Get the kids outside, take them to an event and snap some photos for memories. Where to find deals on tickets to events? Our go-to, as usual, Groupon or Livingsocial of course!


Home & Apparel

kids clothes

These will always come in hand. Grab your kid a cute towel or new jackets/shoes this winter! Some places that offer free shipping for holidays with highly discounted holiday deals include The Children’s Place, Crazy 8, Shop Justice and Carter’s. Check out these incredibly adorable hooded towels from Target!


Paint Your Own Pottery


We’re sure you’ve heard of this one before! Most places have a paint your own pottery workshop so find one and book a time to go in and get creative with the kids today. You can select from different pottery to paint and most places will provide all painting supplies and tools you need. Paint mugs, jewelry trays, bowls and much more.




We love the idea of gifting kids their favorite books! Bring them out on a shopping trip to the bookstore and let them select their own books. That way, you don’t have to do the guess work and they can pick something that suits their interest. Want to be a little spontaneous with your gifting? Try the Kiwi Crate monthly subscription box for kids! Kiwi Crate has 4 different handpicked creates for kids with different personalities plus, they have just launched their newborn pack with infant crates soon to follow.


Board Games and Puzzles

board gaem

These are way more fun than toys. Board games and puzzles are great activity games that you can play over and over and watch you child learn to strategize! Some board games we recommend:

STAR The Game of Life for $13.49 at Target
STAR Monopoly Deal Card Game at Toys R Us
STAR Apples to Apples for $13.99 at Walmart
STAR Beat the Parents Board Game for $17.99


Family Vacation

family vacay

Let's face it, which little youngster do you know that doesn't love a fun family vacation? Plan a hiking trip or amusement park getaway for the weekend and snap some photos! Everyone will get to spend time together, have fun and create some awesome memories. It's a win-win situation. 


Winter Wear 

winter wear

Pick up a cute winter jacket, sweater, scarf, boots or any other winter wear to keep them warm this winter! Maybe even throw in a hot cocoa set because... who can say no to hot cocoa? 


Personalized Gifts

personalized gifts

Thanks to quality services like Shutterfly and Zazzle (ahem and both offer plenty of coupon discounts ahem), you can easily create personalized gifts right from your computer. Plan some time to get together with the little one and design a shirt, mug, sweater or blanket together. All that's left after is to wait for your masterpiece to arrive in the mail!

STAR Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Film Camera for $59
STAR Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera with Paper Kit for $85


Instant Camera

instant cam

Kids tend to be pretty adventurous so aren't you curious to see the world through their eyes with a little instant photography? Check out a few instant camera options below!


Find anything that catches your eye? If you need a little more help with Christmas gift ideas, check out the rest of our gift guides below! Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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