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10 Travel-Sized Beauty Essentials

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April 11, 2014 · 1.2k Views

If you’re a girl on the go that likes to maintain an effective beauty regimen from wherever you are, you’ll need to bring your arsenal with you. If you’re a traveler you’ll need to consider today’s strict TSA standards and how much room you have in your carry-on bag. Busy women that like to carry the essentials in their purses will need to be strategic when deciding what to bring on their travels.

Face Lotion

When traveling or simply exposing your delicate face to environmental pollutants, you’re bound to get dry skin. Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer: Normal to Dry Skin ($28, Bare Minerals) is a high quality moisturizer that will leave your face feeling renewed instantly. The small 1.7 oz. bottle can easily be tucked into any purse or passed through the airport security (in a plastic baggie, of course).

Body Lotion

Unlike face lotion, your body lotion can be thicker to match your skin. Most big name moisturizers come in travel sizes, but the Nivea Creme Travel Sized Tin ($1.09, Walgreens) is so thin and compact that it can fit into even the smallest purse or bag.

Body Wash

When you’re on the go and not sure when or where you’ll grab your next shower, you’ll want to be prepared. Dove Body Wash Travel Size Deep Moisture ($1.49, Kmart) will fit anywhere, and its 2 ounce size will ensure you can take it with you on the plane. The moisture rich formula and fresh smell will have you feeling clean without dealing with dry skin.

Clear Nail Polish

When you’re in between manicures, it’s wise to go with a neutral or clear coat on your nails so you can fix any chips or breaks on the go. Bring a bottle of clear nail polish in your bag to fix up your manicure anytime, anywhere. Clear nail polish also comes in handy to fix runs in your tights or panty hose. OPI Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus ($7.99, Walgreens) is a high quality nail polish that will rejuvenate your nails when applied.

Cotton Balls

Cotton balls may seem like a silly addition to a beauty arsenal, but because they have many uses, you’ll always be happy to have some. Whether applying foundation, removing eyeliner, blotting lipstick or removing your nail polish, cotton balls are essential. Always be sure to bring a few with you as they will fit in any sized bag. These tiny little cotton pillows can be found at almost any store, and are cheap. The generic ones you find at most stores will do the trick, like Cotton Jumbo Size Balls ($1.88, Walmart).

Face Wipes

When you’re always on the move, you rarely get the chance to wash your face. That’s where face wipes come in handy. Wherever you are, pull out a wipe and give your face a once over to remove the grime from the day. These are also excellent makeup removers when your day is finally over. Pond’s Luminous Clean™ Wet Cleansing Towelettes ($4.67, Walmart) will fit easily into your bag and you’ll be so grateful to have them, especially on hot summer days.

Lip Balm

For the woman on the go, lips can easily chap if neglected. A quality lip balm to keep your lips soft is a must in every bag. Your lip balm of choice doesn’t have to simply be functional—Maybelline Baby Lips ($3.99, Walgreens) will moisturize and pamper your lips while also giving a splash of color, quickly pulling the wearer together.


Even if you’re not that into makeup, a good, black mascara will make you feel made up with minimal effort. A quality mascara will make your eyes pop and make you appear more awake and alert. COVERGIRL LashBlast Length Waterproof Mascara ($6.94, Walmart) will give you an effortless boost that’s worry free.


There’s nothing more mortifying than finding a rouge hair right before a big meeting. Ensure that you’re prepared for moments like these with a good pair of tweezers packed in your bag. Revlon Diamond Grip Tweezer ($13.99, Walgreens) is a quality pair of tweezers that will help you avoid embarrassing moments as well as handle daily maintenance.


On hot days, or when you’re hustling to catch your flight, you’re bound to sweat. Keeping a travel sized deodorant in your purse or carry-on will ensure that you don’t have to smell like you just ran through the whole concourse. SECRET Sheer Invisible Solid Deodorant ($1, Target) will fit in any bag and ensure you smell shower fresh.

When you’re always on the go, make sure your bag is packed full of your beauty essentials. If you’re always ready, you can tackle any obstacle in front of you.


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