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11 GIFs to Sum Up Daylight Savings

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March 12, 2016 · 2.8k Views

It's that time of year again! It's time to change our clocks, and this time, we're moving forward. I dislike losing an hour, but whatever. Daylight Savings during the springtime usually hits me in 5 stages: surprise, confusion, dread, acceptance, and eventually - a long eventually - happiness.


Stage 1: Surprise.

I usually seem to forget that we even have Daylight Savings. I'll randomly look at my calendar a few days before and be reminded of the change. Then to remind myself what change I must make to my clock, I recite, "Fall back, spring forward." Thank goodness the time on my phone changes by itself.


Stage 2: Confusion.

When I wake up on the Sunday morning of Daylight Savings, it usually goes something like this: "Wait, what time is it? Is it 11 AM or 12 PM? Did I miss my brunch date?" Go make lunch and apologize to your friend because it's too late for brunch now, you sleep-deprived fool.


Stage 3: Dread.

WHY?! In contrast to fall, I'm dreadfully reminded that I'll lose an entire hour this time around. I'll probably wish I hadn't decided to go out the previous night because it will have been 3 AM when it really should have been 2 AM and morning Daisy will have regretted staying out so late. But honestly, I'm mostly upset because of the hour lost today, even though I will probably do nothing.


Step 4: Acceptance.

This is only a stage because there is literally nothing I can do to change time. Mother Nature, you are not my friend today, but you're just doing you're job so you're forgiven.


Step 5: Happiness.

Finally, I recognize that an hour forward means more sunlight during the day, and that's a key indicator of one of my favorite seasons - summer. I might as well take advantage of all this glorious California sunshine while I can! You know, before fall rolls around and we lose an hour of sunlight 😒

If you're feeling a bit frazzled because your world just got moved by an hour, don't worry - DealsPlus can you bring you back to reality 😄

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Daisy loves to write with humor and can be quite the sarcastic commentator when it is appropriate. Loves carbs, fashion, staying active, and pinning the latest DIY projects for her room (which she will actually never do).

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