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13 Ways to Organize Your Office to Make You More Productive

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April 03, 2016 · 3.3k Views

Let's be honest: if your work space is a mess, how are you going to get any work done? Very, very slowly, if at all. Luckily, there are ways you can stylishly organize your office so you can get inspired to make things happen. Check out these office organization hacks!


1. Save room by making a desk and doubling it as a shelf.

Instead of buying a desk, buy a piece of wood and use short shelves on either end of the desk as legs. Make the most of your desk and the area around and underneath it, especially if you're tight on space. You'll have more room for storage without taking up more space!

Source: Design Sponge

Source and tutorial: Pretty Providence


2. Recycle cereal boxes to make magazine holders, desk organizers, mail organizers, etc.

With a bit of washi tape and some scissors, you'll have a ton of personalized organizers and holders in no time. These are great not only in your office but all around the house as well.

Source and tutorial: I Heart Organizing

Source and tutorial: One Good Thing by Jillee


3. Turn a plastic bottle into a charging station.

Don't throw away those old soda bottles! Cut them up and spray paint them for a simple, neat solution when you charge your phone.

Source and tutorial: Popsugar


4. Find a new use for clipboards by decoratively hanging them on the wall.

This is a fun DIY project that actually looks really good and is really functional. It's a great alternative to corkboards and picture frames if you're tired of those!

Source and tutorial: Design Sponge

Source and tutorial: Joann Fabric and Craft Stores


5. A giant, perfectly organized command center.

Grab some chalkboard paint and go nuts. If you want to frame it like in this picture, grab some inexpensive 1x3 pieces of wood and go nuts. Then grab some Chalk-Ink markers and go nuts with drawing calendars and writing stuff. 

Source and tutorial: Beneath My Heart


6. Binder clips and loose cords are a match made in heaven.

Clip a bunch of these bad boys to the edge of your desk and you've got organization galore. No more cords getting tangled together or reaching for one cord thinking it's another. Those days are behind you.

Source: Lifehack



7. Upcycle shoeboxes and empty toilet paper rolls to organize writing utensils.

This literally requires one minute of work if you don't care to decorate the shoebox. Stop digging around the drawer to find the pen that you don't want, and instead, find the pen you want in a glance!

Source and tutorial: Refreshing the Home


8. Stack and glue mason jars to organize even more writing utensils.

Either tilt them on their side or leave them upright - whichever method is easiest for you. Play around with designs!

Source: Lifehack


9. Jelly lovers: save all those jars for easy storage!

If you eat a lot of jelly, you're in luck. Hot glue the lids under a shelf and fill the jars with small office necessities. Once you've grabbed your items, screw the jars back into place. 

Source: Lifehack


10. If your office is full of everything, go vertical.

Utilize your wall space and install a pegboard to hang all your materials. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do with those plethora of holes!

Source and tutorial: Craving Some Creativity


11. Turn a shoebox into a charging station.

Find a sturdy shoebox and some other items around the house to assemble this easy charging station that will keep all your cords in one place. Organiziation is so satisfying.

Source: PG Everyday. Tutorial: Curbly


12. Turn a cabinet into a to-do list.

Chalkboard paint is your new best friend. Paint this entire cabinet, label the drawers, and use the side of the cabinet as a to-do list, calendar, or whatever your heart desires. Space-saving and mult-purpose ideas are what we're aiming for!

Source: Fantasticho.me via Buzzfeed


13. Labels and color coordination are you best friend.

It might take time to get everything labeled and organized in the beginning, but the results will be so worth it you'll cry. As long as you maintain the system, you will never have to search high and low for a piece of paper again.

Source and tutorial: A Bowl Full of Lemons

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