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14 Pillows That Are Better Than A Boyfriend

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February 10, 2016 · 2.3k Views

If you're single on Valentine's Day, it could easily end up as a depressing holiday that you are waiting to cease. However, you don't need to have a significant other to cuddle with this Valentine's Day. You need a pillow.

How is a pillow better, you ask? They're warm and you can easily flip it over when it gets too hot (you would just have to push a boyfriend away when he gets too hot). They will never have to use the restroom or get hungry, so you will never have to reposition and get comfortable again. I could go on and on, but I'm just going to show you the pillows now.


1. This one has an arm to wrap around you. It's better than the real thing because it's extra cuddly.

Get your new (half of a) beau here.

Or find a super yolked version here.

2. A hoodie that inflates into a pillow for sleep and comfort wherever you go.

Fund this on Kickstarter! They're almost there!!

3. CALLING ALL FOODIES. These next few pillows are for you.

Get it at this Etsy shop.

4. Okay, this is not a pillow. But it's a bean bag, so it might be even better.

Purchase here.

5. Pizza is forever. Boyfriends are not (sometimes).

*Add to Cart* here.

6. I think I'm just going to replace my bed with this Totoro sleeping bag sofa bed thing.

Find it here.

7. More food pillows are coming your way because food > boys.

Buy me here.

8. Three times the cuteness.

Find it here.

9. This one might be my favorite. Just look at that face!

Buy one (or ten) here.

10. The body pillow of all body pillows.

Buy one here.

11. Because DOGS.

Find it here.

12. This amazing, amazing pillow that will cuddle you forever and ever and never leave.

Your new love awaits you here.

13. Not advised for those who fear getting eaten by sharks. But advised for those who are funny.

Get this sleeping bag here.

14. If you've ever wanted a fawn but were sensible and knew you couldn't take one home, here's an adorable alternative.

Your new best friend can be found here.

Honorable mention:

Tragically, this isn't for sale. But take a bunch of pillows and sew them together, and you've got the best pillow blanket thing ever.

Make sure to visit DealsPlus to find affordable items for your bed and home!

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