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15 Makeup Charts That'll Turn You Into A Makeup Pro

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Julie GersteinGuest Blogger
March 09, 2016 · 7.9k Views

If you've ever been a little blown away by all the options be hind the counter at Sephora, or felt a little clueless about what exactly to do with a contouring brush, well, we've go you. Below, fifteen charts that'll give you a head start on making all your makeup dreams come true. 

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1. First thing's first: You need to start with the right brushes. 

2. And then you need to make sure you can clean them properly. 

3. The same goes for beauty blenders. 

4. Here's the best order to put your foundations, primers, and concealers on. 

5. Make sure you're wearing the right concealers for your under eye circles. 

6. Find the right blush that works for you. 

7. Hack your powdered makeup mishaps. 

8. Use this simple trick to make your lipstick last. 


9. Remember these three important angles when shaping your eyebrows. 

10. Learn this easy trick to get the best eyeliner of your life. 

11. If that doesn't suit you, here are a bunch of others to try. 

12. There are a world of mascara wands. 

13. Find out what eyeshadows go with which eye color. 

14. Get the Kylie Jenner lip look with just a little concealer

 15. And finally, a guide to how long you should keep everything around. 


Save these charts and reference them whenever you're in a pinch. You'll be a makeup pro in no time! 

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dtran5Mar 11, 2016
love the blush one!

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