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15 Things Worth Splurging On

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January 27, 2016 · 3.4k Views

Frugal living is all about avoiding frivolous spending, and instead consciously choosing to spend your money on what truly matters most to you. This could be a vacation, a hobby, or various other examples. It’s also about spending smarter and finding the most value as possible, even if it comes with a higher price tag upfront.

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That’s where this list comes in. Here are 15 things that you can feel good about spending your hard earned money on, even when you’re on a set budget.


1. Mattress and Bedding

The difference between a cheap mattress and a quality mattress is HUGE. For something you will spend about ⅓ of your time using, and will last for 7-10 years, don’t skimp. Your body will thank you.

2. Nonstop Flights

Don’t deal with a brutal layover and plane change, pay the extra amount for a nonstop flight.

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3. Kitchen Knives

This is a product that is extremely practical and can be used on an everyday basis. It makes cooking at home more efficient and enjoyable, which will save you a ton of money over time. Invest in a quality set, rather than continuing to pay to replace cheap ones.

4. Espresso Machine/Keurig/Coffee Maker

It takes an upfront cost, but it will cut out the daily coffee trips and pay for itself in the long run.

5. Amazon Prime


6. Electric Toothbrush


7. Nest Thermostat

Again, an item that might appear expensive at first, but will save you a ton of money on energy costs in the long term by regulating the temperature of your living space.

8. Reliable Car and Tires

9. Cellphone

For most people, your cellphone is the item you use daily more than anything else. While we’re not necessarily endorsing that, it’s worth the splurge to get one that you enjoy using. Instead, cut down on the amount of data you pay for on a monthly basis. If you aren’t a big cell phone user, you get major props, and can ignore this one.

10. Comfortable Shoes

11. Massages

Relieves stress and tension and gives you some luxury. Definitely worth the price to get one every now and then.

12. Quality Produce

Spending money on quality, healthy food is money well spent.

13. Vacations

Money spent on experiences is always more fulfilling. The memories and pictures from times spent traveling with your family can never be taken from you. Set aside some money each month and use it to fund a getaway.


14. Winter Coat

15. Toilet Paper

Of all the places to be cheap, don’t pick this one...


Final Thoughts

Overall, it all comes down to identifying what is important to you. When splurging, try and figure out items that you use often in everyday life and items that will retain their value for long periods of time. In this way, you won’t get buyer’s remorse and you’ll still be able to keep your budget on track.

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A lifelong Bay Area native, Matt Spillar graduated in 2013 from Fresno State with a Sports Marketing degree. He strives to combine his passion for sports marketing along with his interests in finance and budgeting. In his spare time, he writes for his personal blog, spillsspot.com