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The Best 150 Life Hacks of All Time

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November 28, 2015 · 2k Views

Life hacks are probably some of the greatest, smallest tricks that make us wonder why we ever complained about the trivial things in life. The best part about them is that you can be economical and creative with things you already have around the house.

With innumerable life hacks enticing us from every crevice of the Internet, we’ve scoured the web to find you the best cheats to simplify your life. We’ve researched and tested these techniques ourselves, and we’re here to share our opinion on the most innovative hacks and why they’re worth it.

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1. Put a lazy susan in the refrigerator

Are you always knocking over cans and bottles in the refrigerator when reaching for that ketchup bottle all the way in the back? You’ll never have to worry about that again.

2. Eat your veggies first

Get fuller faster when you go for the veggies first. Bonus perk: you’ll feel way better about eating a ton of veggies instead of 4 slices of pizza.

3. Clean with lemon and baking soda

This magical combination foams, smells great, and gets the cleaning done. Even better, you’re avoiding harsh chemicals you’d find in store-bought cleaners.

Use half a lemon as a scrubber, or juice the lemon and combine it with baking soda for a liquid approach.

4. Sharpen razors on jeans

Rub some razors on your denim, and your razors will be good (maybe not indefinitely, though).

5. Sleep on your left to prevent acid reflux

Become a left-side sleeper and reduce the disease’s consequences.

6. Pack out-of-season clothes in suitcases

Give yourself more space by rolling away in a suitcase the clothes you currently aren’t wearing. Bonus perk: you have more room for those new clothes you’re about to buy.

7. Toaster degrees mean minutes, not heat levels

It’s okay, you’re not the only one who didn’t know this. Toasters just run on a different timeline.

8. Keep wine cold by freezing grapes

Keep your wine cool and keep its taste by adding this ice substitute.

9. Keep keyboards clean with a Post-It

With the sticky side in the keyboard, slide the Post-It between the cracks of your keys and buttons to collect dust and debris. Ran out of Post-Its? Simply shake your keyboard upside down over any piece of paper.

10. Add keys to stubborn keyrings with a staple remover

Avoiding a busted fingernail by using a staple remover to keep the keyring open for as long as your heart desires.

11. Make sure your new home has cell service

Before you move into your new abode, make sure you’ve got signal there! There’s nothing worse than knowing you can’t text from the comfort of your bed. Or if you refuse to move, find a landline or a way to make WiFi calls.

12. Paint keys to tell what’s what

Instead of testing out each and every key, paint the top part of each key a different color to make them easily distinguishable. Try house or craft paint, or even fingernail polish. Release your inner artist!

13. Roll clothes, don’t fold

You’ll get double the room in a suitcase, so you can avoid those extra baggage check-in fees. If you do this right, your clothes will be ready to wear without ironing when you unpack.

14. Roll up cash and keep in a Chapstick tube

You’ll feel super secretive and safe when your cash is hidden in this unexpected hack. It’s especially useful for activities where you won’t be there to guard your belongings, like going to the pool.

15. Get up an hour early

Yeah, you’ll lose an hour of sleep, but don’t go back to sleep if your body wakes you up an hour earlier than you planned. You’ll actually feel less tired because you’re following your natural schedule, and you’ll avoid rushing in the morning.

16. Freeze water bottles to keep them cold

Fill the bottle so that it’s only partially full, and then freeze it on its side. That way your water will keep you cool throughout the day.

17. Contact Amazon for money back

Have you ever bought something from and then witnessed a price drop? Contact Amazon for a refund of the difference. They’ll happily match the new cost!

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18. Avoid the regret of sending the wrong emails or texts

Finish typing your text or email before you add the name of the recipient. By doing this, you can avoid accidentally hitting send before completing your message.

19. Use a cup as a speaker

It’s okay if you don’t have a speaker – place your phone inside a cup and fill your ears with beautiful sound.

20. Get rid of strawberry tops with a straw

Does anyone actually eat the strawberry stems? Avoid the mess and waste by inserting a plastic straw through the top of a strawberry. It’ll punch the stem right out!

21. Clean when you’re down in the dumps

Keep yourself occupied and be productive! Staying busy is the best way to cope, so you might as well get something out of it!

22. Cut cheeses and cakes with floss

Get consistently clean cuts with floss every time, even on the softest items. This is a great hack for slicing mozzarella or fragile cakes. Warning: use unflavored floss or you will be in for a surprise (minty cheese – yum?).

23. Freeze beef in patties

Your burgers will thaw quicker and are ready for the grill when you freeze them. This efficiency and organization makes meal prep a breeze!

24. Keep suitcases closed with a paperclip

Avoid getting locked out of your suitcase by using a paperclip to fasten both zippers together so they’ll stay put.

25. Call 911 more efficiently

As soon as the operator answers the phone, start with what you need and your location. Then continue with the problem at hand. This will help both parties because you’ll get the service you need sooner!

26. Take pictures when you move

This tip is great for comparing the pre- and post-states of any property. You’ll also be able to keep track of item placements and organization methods.

27. Delay emails or activate the “undo” feature

By setting the delay to over 15 seconds, you can retrieve emails that were sent out hurriedly.

28. Avoid mosquitos with a fan

Since mosquitoes are too small for the breeze of a fan, happily sit fly-free in the crosswind.

29. Camp with trick candles

These candles aren’t only for birthday folks! And while these candles aren’t necessarily meant for large winds, they relight once extinguished, making them perfect for the elements.

30. When someone else is treating you out, ask what they’re having

That way you stay within their price range and have an understanding before ordering. You don’t want to order a $75 steak when they’re having a $15 slice of lasagna. It’s bad etiquette.

31. Heat leftovers evenly in the microwave

Spread your food into the shape of a wreath! The middle of your plate/bowl cooks last, so if there is no “middle,” leftovers can heat evenly throughout.

32. Unclog drains with dish soap

Drop a few (small) squirts, then top with hot water to loosen a clog.

33. Use a Crockpot for home cooking

How else will you have a hot meal waiting for you when you return home? Tasty meals that require very little effort … or cooking knowledge.

34. Get WIFI passwords on FourSquare

Fellow customers are likely to share this info! Every time you go to a cafe or hotel, just read the comments to see if anyone’s shared the WiFi password for free or faster Internet.

35. Forward spam texts to 7726

This alerts your carrier to check the number, hopefully eliminating future occurrences.

36. Use nail polish remover to get rid of shoe stains

It might not smell great, but it’s effective! Just be sure to dry off your shoes right away so the nail polish remover doesn’t damage the material.

37. Nap to your health

The body actually works more efficiently with regular, shorter sleeping sessions vs. one long night. Best time to nap? In the middle of the day and definitely no later than 2 or 3 pm! Keep it short and sweet. You’ll feel refreshed and still be able to sleep at night.

38. Keep cords in place with binder clips

Clip some binder clips to the edge of your desk and slip the cords through the holes. Cords stay organized, in place, and you can label them for quick access.

40. Sign up for auto pay

It saves you time, and many places give a discount when bills are pre-scheduled. You’re going to have to pay those bills anyway, why not make sure you never miss a single bill?

41. Calm hair with a dryer sheet

It helps reduce static and gives your hair a fresh scent.

42. Stack leftover soap to ensure longer use

You know those tiny slivers of soap that you can never grab? Stack them on the next bar and let it meld in.

43. Keep drinking iced coffee or tea at full flavor

Make a pot of tea or coffee, allow it to cool, then pour in an ice cube tray for pre-flavored ice. This way you can chill your drinks without watering them down.

44. Use beeswax to waterproof your shoes

It soaks in, then keeps canvas or cloth shoes from getting wet.

45. Keep trash dry with old newspapers

Throwing away coffee grounds, fruit rinds or something that regularly leaks? Keep it from dripping into the can with a layer of newspaper at the bottom.

46. Get drinks cold faster with a wet paper towel

Wrap it around your drink and place in the freezer – it will chill much faster! For even better results, stick it in the ice bin or surround your bottle with frozen peas or veggies. The more icy contact, the better!

47. Take pictures of business cards

Keep a folder on your phone or scan the info, that way you don’t lose it and have easy access. You can do this with all sorts of things – restaurant menus, invitations, etc.

48. Keep all your important medical info on you

Write everything on a card and keep in your wallet for safe keeping, even in an emergency.

49. Add a teaspoon of baking soda when boiling eggs

It helps the shells slip off with ease. No more chipped egg whites or hours spent peeling.

50. Travel with a small bar of soap

This will keep clothes smelling nice, even when they’re dirty on the trip home.

51. Cover your steering wheel or car shifter with a coozie

This is a lifesaver on hot days … especially when parking in the sun!

52. Ask the pizza shop for directions

Their delivery staff drives everywhere…they probably know the best route and can describe with far more detail than a gas attendant.

53. Use a pants hanger to hold cookbooks

Hang your cookbook above the stove so it’s easy to follow your recipes. Take any pants hanger and hang it onto the cabinet or knob. Then clip it to your book.

54. Cover your vacuum hose to catch valuable items

Hosiery or a small mesh screen will work great! Cover up the suction area, turn on your vacuum, then start vacuuming the area you lost your items in. This is perfect for when you lose small earrings or even a small screw.

55. Scoop ice cream into an almost-empty Nutella bottle

Also works great with peanut butter and creates a tasty dessert!

56. Create a lantern with your cell phone

All you need is a water bottle. Put the bottle in front of your cell phone and the pair glow in any outdoor setting.

57. Store pancake batter in a repurposed ketchup bottle

Or any other squeeze bottle. There’s less mess and you can make single pancakes at a time. (That is if you can eat just one.) This works great for any kind of batter, really.

58. Serve condiments in a muffin tin

Keeps everything in one place and cuts down on dishes. Great for BBQs or taco night!

59. Don’t have any kindling on hand? Use chips!

All it takes is a few and you can get the fire started with ease. Plus you’d save a few calories.

60. Shoe racks aren’t just for shoes

These things can organize anything – cleaning supplies, crafts, office gear. All in a see-through container!

61. Make flip flops last with bread ties

Flip flops often fall apart. You can fix this issue by covering the end tab with the wider surface so it can’t pull through, a side effect of walking in flip flops. This will make your shoes last way longer. Best of all, this neat little tool is free!

62. Store cords with cardboard tubes

Use empty toilet paper rolls and organize cords neatly away. You can even label each tube or paint the tube to match the wall or the floors.

63. Frost cupcakes with a marshmallow

Did you know you can make fancy fondant out of melted marshmallows? Just place marshmallows on top of freshly cooked cakes and let bake for another five minutes.

64. Never cry again when cutting onions

When onions are sliced, they release enzymes that are converted into a volatile gas. This gas reacts with the water on the surface of our eyes, causing the stinging and burning.

So what blocks the gas? Make sure your onions are as cold as possible (it prevents vapor formation), or cut onions under water. Easiest of all? Wear goggles! Finally, no more tears. See sources here.

65. Fold tape tabs

Hate searching for where you left off? Create a tiny fold and you’ll be able to find the end every time.

66. Tie extension cords together

This keeps the plugged ends from coming undone.

67. Freeze juice or milk to use in your drinks

A simple way to cool your beverage without affecting the flavor, but adding to it. You can even make pre-mixed and flavored sangria, mixed drinks and more this way!

68. Create the perfect BLT

Put two slices in a single toaster slot for one toasty side, and a soft, warm center. Plus this way you can toast 4 slices at once with your tiny toaster.

69. Cure wood scratches and dings with a walnut

Just rub a walnut over the scratched area. It buffs it out and brings fresh life.

70. Use an empty CD spindle for a bagel holder
Have an extra 25-disc or 50-disc empty spindle? It’s perfect for holding a nice, big bagel sandwich! And because it locks together, it keeps it fresh and ready for breakfast…or lunch.

71. Make better fried eggs

Separate out the yolks then add back on top once the whites have cooked.

72. Tie a knot in one headphone cord

That way you always know which one is right or left, without needing to look down.

73. Add tin foil to lengthen AAA batteries

Crumple up at the positive end and size accordingly.

74. Stump your hangman opponents

Use rhythm, zephyr, and sphinx – some of the least common letter combos. Weird life hack, yes. But it’ll come in handy one day. Just you watch.

75. Create a soda slush

Shake up a can or bottle and then place in the freezer – it’s slushy and ready in 15 minutes. Just don’t forget about it or you’ll have a slushy covered freezer..not so fun. Set a timer.

76. Shave with conditioner

Not only is it readily available, it actually works surprisingly well. The creaminess reduces razor burn and increases smoothness.

77. Keep the pizza warm with a seat heater

Afraid of your food getting cold on the way home? If you’ve got a seat heater in the car, it’s perfect as a food warmer as well. Great for winter months!

78. Label office cords for easy recognition

Use folded over masking tape or colors to keep track of what hooks to what.

79. Use a shoe as a cupholder

Don’t have a cup holder, or not enough of them? Sneakers and shoes with thick bottoms work perfectly for this. Put them on the floor and stick your cup inside. Make sure your shoe’s wedged into the corner of the floor. That way it’ll offer extra support.

80. Spot your luggage at baggage claim

Tie a bright-colored ribbon or fabric to your luggage so you can spot your luggage a distance away.

81. Hang bras on stackable hangers

Keeps them all in one place and won’t get them smashed in drawers.

82. Hang photos or frames by photocopying the back

Hang the copy on the wall and add screws or nails where necessary. This way your photos will never be crooked!

83. Turn the toaster sideways to make a grilled cheese

Place a piece of cheese on either piece of bread and let heat. Make sure the cheese is on top and use sliced cheese.

84. Locate cords in the dark with glow paint

Tack or paint with glow in the dark versions and find them even in pitch black.

85. Go for easy bobby pin dispensing

Put them in an empty tic-tac container for a pop-open top that can easily travel.

86. Open plastic packaging with a can opener

No cuts and easy access! Those hard-shell plastic packages ruin your scissors, and don’t even think about trying to open them with your bare hands..

87. Ease sunburns with aloe vera cubes

Place aloe vera in ice tube trays and freeze for an added dose of comfort the next time you burn. Better yet, never leave the house without sunscreen.

88. Remove smartphone water damage

In urgent times like this, shut your phone off right away. Don’t even try to use it – it can speed up damage. Wipe it off and then place your phone in a big bowl of raw rice to remove inner moisture. Let sit for a day and turn on as normal.

89. Store pasta in a Pringles can

Great for when the package isn’t completely finished, and keeps them from breaking! You can also cut the label off the packaging and tape it onto the Pringles can so you know exactly what’s inside.

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90. Slice ice cream for the perfect sandwich

Get a small tub of ice cream (like those small Ben & Jerry pints), slice it horizontally, then remove the outer ice cream packaging for a perfect circle to place between cookies or on cake.

91. Hide valuables in plain sight

Empty a sunscreen container and store your phone, keys, and cash for a sneaky way to hide valuables. Perfect for a day at the pool or at the beach.

92. Store necklaces in straws

Keeps them untangled and easily separated. Used for travel or just at home. You can also mix and match your pendants easily this way.

93. Dress up popsicles

Stick gummy candy or other candies for a fun take on this summer favorite. Try it out in Jell-O too!

94. Iron button-up shirts inside-out

It’s hard to get to the cloth underneath all your shirt buttons. Why not flip it inside-out? This way your buttons won’t interfere with your ironing. Even better, get a garment steamer and you’ll cut your ironing time down to a fraction.

95. Make DIY ice packs

Soak a sponge in water, then place it in the freezer inside a plastic baggie. This is a no-mess way to keep your fruits, drinks and foods cold.

96. Store nails in a hair comb

Everyone has an extra fine-tooth comb lying around. Stick all your nails between each tooth. This is perfect when hanging décor and keeps them readily on hand.

97. Get rid of disposal smells

Squirt with lemon juice or grind up slices of lemon to clean up germs and get rid of any unpleasant scents.

98. Study with candy

Place a different candy on each portion that needs to be studied. Then eat that piece when you move to the next section. This motivates you and keeps you from stopping.

99. Create nail art with masking tape

Cover certain areas and paint as usual. Leaves clean lines and won’t pull up previous layers or damage your nails.

100. Cure pimples with cold medicine

Poke an Advil liquid gel with a metal pin and use the inside on your acne breakouts. The ibuprofen inside this product reduces redness and irritation almost immediately! See sources here.

101. Clean headlights with toothpaste

Are your headlights looking a little dull? Slap some toothpaste onto an old cloth or toothbrush, then rub it all over your headlights. It’ll get rid of the dingy look once and for all. In fact, it’s perfect timing to use your toothbrush for this purpose everytime you’re about to throw it out.

102. Use a plastic cereal container for a car trashcan

Why? It closes, so there are no spills in the event of a sharp turn – the very likely event.

103. Wear ear plugs to a concert

It actually evens out the sound, making the music sound better, and eliminating nearby distractions. And you won’t have to worry about your ears ringing, getting a migraine, or worse yet, losing your hearing.

104. Keep your dish sponges smelling fresh at all times

Dish sponge getting smelly again? Sponges are laden with bacteria from being in constant contact with dirty dishes and water. Zap a moist (but not drenched) sponge for about 15 seconds in the microwave. Thereafter, keep your sponges sitting out on top of a desk clip. It lets them dry completely, avoiding any smells and lengthening their lifespan.

105. Pour pancake batter over bacon

Delicious and finger breakfast food that won’t leave you with greasy hands! See more cooking hacks here.

106. Keep boots sturdy

Slice up pool noodles to fit inside the shafts of your boots when they’re out of season. It’ll keep them upright and prevent any folds or wrinkles in the material.

107. Bounce batteries to see if they’re still good

Drop a battery from about 6 inches above the table. If they give one small bounce before falling over, they’re still good. If they continue to bounce any more, they’re dead/dying.

108. Use dryer sheets for smelly shoes

Stick dryer sheets inside smelly shoes overnight to eliminate odors and make fresh instead.

109. Create polka dot nails with the ends of band aids

Just cut the sticky, perforated part of the band-aid off and stick it onto your nail. Paint over the entire thing. The paint will leave little polka dots where the holes were! Remove the bandage once the nail polish has dried.

110. Gargle with salt

Have a sore throat? You can find salt anywhere. This is a simple way to lessen throat pain instantly.

111. Take pictures of friends holding items you’ve lent them

Is your friend borrowing something again? Take a picture of them holding the item up! It’s easy, simple, and it’ll help you remember who to recover your item(s) from.

112. Pop any splinter out of your skin easily

This is a neat trick if you have kids or work with wood in any way. You can remove a splinter easily by applying a paste made of baking soda and water. Wait a few minutes and the splinter will pop out of the skin.

113. Hold your breath when tired

Then exhale slowly, it actually lets you feel more alert.

114. Use your rolling luggage to move heavy items

Are you moving? Or need to get a box full of heavy books into the house? Use your rolling duffel or luggage. They’re sturdier than boxes and it makes moving everything easier.

115. Blow into a bag to keep your produce fresh

Did you know CO2 keeps produce from becoming soggy? Just blow into a bag and seal it tight before the air escapes.

116. Keep ice cream soft by storing it inside a Ziplock bag

When you store ice cream in an airtight bag, it’ll keep your ice cream soft and super easy to scoop. It’ll be fresh like the very first time you ever opened the container.

117. Make mini meals in cupcake tins

Pizzas, taco salads, and more all come in small yet delicious sizes. Store in the freezer for a grab-and-go snack.

118. Use a ball to dry clothes faster

Stick a tennis ball or any rubber ball inside the dryer. It helps move clothes around and increases friction.

119. Chug a glass of water before drinking soda

It will help fill up your stomach and quench your thirst, helping you kick your bad soda habit.

120. Ground kids by taking their charger(s)

Rather than the device themselves. Limiting the time they have before the battery dies will prove adequate. (Expert recommended!)

121. Work out for two minutes each morning

Quick and painless, but still gets results while waking your body up! It also ramps up your metabolism for breakfast.

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122. Soak fruit in water pitchers to add flavor

Tasty, healthy, and completely customizable. Great for detoxing the body, too.

123. Remember the rule of 10 for daily healthy living

From eating well, exercising, and avoiding tobacco and alcohol, here are 10 tips for healthy living. Here are a few more below!

124. Eat 0 empty calories

None. They’re bad for you and cost more than healthy foods (when cooking at home). What are empty calories? Chips, candy, fries, desserts, etc. It’s hard to cut them entirely, so just remember to eat as little of it as possible

125. 1 hour of exercise or reading

This is something everyone should spend time doing. Choose one or the other or better yet, mix and match to find your perfect ratio.

126. 2 liters of water a day

A healthy amount to drink in order to stay hydrated and cleansed! You can use a reusable water jug so you go green, and know exactly how many ounces you drank each time you refill it.

127. 3 cups green tea or green juice per day keeps the doctor away

Full of nutrients and antioxidants, these drinks are the healthiest thing to have in your body, day after day. For more reasons to drink tea, read here.

128. 5 things you’re grateful for

What are 5 things you’re grateful for in your life? It can be anything – having a fridge full of food to having an adorable dog or having a stable job. List those things every day. You’ll feel better when you do.

129. 6 a.m. meditation

Or breathing time, or getting Zen. Whatever works best for you.

130. 7 minutes of laughter

Spread throughout the day or however way you want it, this is a great way to lift your spirits. From hilarious YouTube videos, chatting with friends, to cracking jokes with coworkers, it’s been proven to be beneficial for your health. Read more on the 8 benefits of laughter.

131. 7-8 hours of sleep

An ideal setup for a restful body and a relaxed mind. Any less than 7 hours or more than 9 and you’ll feel sluggish.

132. 10,000 steps

Keep a pedometer or Fitbit if you need help keeping track. Check out all Fitbit deals and save up to 30% off.

133. 10 pm means bed time

Every night. You’ll learn to sleep at this time and train the body for efficient rest sessions.

134. No wall outlet? Charge with a TV

Most modern TVs have a USB port. Remember this while traveling or when you’re out of phone or tablet blocks.

135. Eat locally made honey to reduce allergy symptoms

Easy to purchase, and growing in benefits over time.

136. Learn your way around a Solo cup

Those lines aren’t just for better grip, each one helps you pour out the right portioned drink.

137. Use shower rods to “hang” shoes

Place two at a time for a surface to store shoes – then stack for multiple layers.

138. Listen to classical music or movie score radio stations

Found online for free, they’re the perfect motivational tunes, but without distracting with lyrics.

139. Avoid arguing via text

Without inflection, there’s no way to know how happy or angry the other person is. Same goes for email or chatting online. It’s easy to read things the wrong way.

140. Break the ends of cheap pants hangers for chip clips

They’re effective, and come free whenever you buy skirts or pants.

141. Plant herbs to scare away mosquitos

Breeds include catnip, lemon balm, lavender, lemongrass, basil, and lemon thyme – they must really hate lemon!

142. Take a photo of your fridge before going to the store

Perfect for the grocery shopper who hates making a list! Take a photo so it jogs your memory of all the things you need. You can also take a photo of your fridge when it’s full of all the things you love, so you know what you should buy more of.

143. Keep a laundry basket in your trunk

It makes moving and carrying groceries way more efficient. As well as anything else you might buy.

144. Wash musty towels with vinegar and baking soda

Ever have towels or gym socks with a musty scent you can’t get rid of? Vinegar and baking soda are your best friends. This strips down mildew and freshens their scent much better than any laundry detergent.

145. Order a “pupucino” at Starbucks

Any time Fido needs a sweet treat, AKA a small cup of whipped cream. Yes, it’s a real drink!

146. Expand your essay count with white words

They’ll blend in perfectly when added at the end of paragraphs. Not so much with printed homework.

147. Remember “Stayin’ Alive” when giving CPR

It’s the perfect tempo at which to perform the service. Easy to remember, too, considering the name.

148. Use glow sticks for night swimming

Looks cool and perfect for safe diving.

149. Want a quick back massage?

Draw roads on the back of a t-shirt and let kids play on it for as long as your back requires. It keeps them busy and lets you lie down in peace.

150. Weigh cost vs. item to decide if you should buy something

Would you rather get that much cash? Or pay it out? Same difference, just one means you already have the cash.


Now that you know 150 of our favorite life hacks of all time, put them to good use! Have a few hacks of your own that we missed? Share them in the comment section!

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