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19 Meatless Recipes That Are So Good You'll Forget They're Vegetarian

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April 20, 2016 · 1.8k Views

I love vegetarian dishes. Pizza, for instance, is one of my favorite foods in the whole world, and my go-to pizzas are always vegetarian. I believe that oftentimes, vegetarian food gets a bad rap because people think there aren't many options so that means plain dishes. That is far beyond the truth - have you seen the variety of grains and vegetables and fruits we have?! It's flavor paradise if you know how to cook them right.

I'm here to end that negative connotation with vegetarianism once and for all. I love meat, but there are times when I prefer meatless dishes and I wish all my die-hard carnivores would see that. You don't have to become a dedicated vegetarian to enjoy meat-free dishes, so check out these recipes!


1. As Jessica proudly proclaimed, the "cheese enchiladas of my dreams."

Find the recipe at How Sweet It Is.

2. This Spicy Falafel and Roasted Veggie Naan-wich is a mouthful to say and eat, but I don't even care how messy I get. I NEED THIS NOW.

Find the recipe at Pinch of Yum.

3. I don't even care if this isn't considered a meal - I will stuff myself with Smoked Gouda Potato Pancakes until I pop.

Find the recipe at I Am A Food Blog.

4. Indian food is one of my favorite ways to eat like a vegetarian, and this One Pot Tandoori Quinoa is the way to go.

Find the recipe at Yup It's Vegan.

5. It's pretty easy (and usually less work!) to turn any dish into a vegetarian dish - as evidenced by this Vegan Korean Bibimbap.

Find the recipe at Crazy Vegan Kitchen.

6. Get happy off these Drunken Noodles with Tofu and Peppers!

Find the recipe at Eats Well With Others.

7. Who needs meat when you can have BBQ Cauliflower & Chickpea Tacos with a Creamy Lime Slaw?

Find the recipe at Oh My Veggies.

8. Tortellini is good, but have you ever had fried tortellini? Prepared to have your taste buds blown with these Parmesan Tortellini Bites!

Find the recipe at Damn Delicious.

9. If you don't know what Shakshuka is, you're about to fall in love. This tomato and egg mixture is amazing, especially with warm bread!

Find the recipe at Tori Avey.

10. This contains quite a bit of carbs, but there is no judgment here at DealsPlus. Plus, you wouldn't want to deprive yourself of these Mac and Cheese Waffles.

Find the recipe at I Am A Food Blog.

11. Ramen has become my new chicken noodle soup when I'm feeling under the weather. Even though I'm not sick, this Homemade Spicy Ramen with Tofu still sounds heavenly.

Find the recipe at Pinch of Yum.

12. THIS PIE. Layers and layers of cheesy beans that will keep me happy for a long time.

Find the recipe at Martha Stewart.

13. Of course I had to include a mac and cheese recipe in here. Pasta is a great vegetarian option, but this Roasted Summer Vegetable Mac & Cheese takes pasta to a whole new level.

Find the recipe at How Sweet It Is.

14. These are nacho average nachos. These are The Best Damn Vegan Nachos.

Find the recipe at Minimalist Baker.

15. If you were as excited as me when Chipotle announced their sofritas, then you'll probably be as excited as I was when I found this recipe for Sofritas Tofu Burrito Bowls.

Find the recipe at Host The Toast.

16. Coconut curry is a creamy goodness that I feel undeserving to taste. This Bangkok Coconut Curry Noodle Bowl is the epitome of that feeling.

Find the recipe at Pinch of Yum.

17. Although at times I feel like a ravenous monster because sliders are small so I inhale multiple, I might be a little more forgiving of myself with these Black Bean Butternut Sliders with Chipotle Ketchup.

Find the recipe at How Sweet Eats.

18. These Thai Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce are perfect for the warmer seasons when you want something like and refreshing!

Find the recipe at Pinch of Yum.

19. This Green Goddess Zucchini Pasta with Fried Halloumi proves that light-carb, vegetarian dishes can be mouthwateringly delicious.

Find the recipe at Half Baked Harvest.


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Daisy loves to write with humor and can be quite the sarcastic commentator when it is appropriate. Loves carbs, fashion, staying active, and pinning the latest DIY projects for her room (which she will actually never do).
cucinanostraApr 26, 2016
These look fantastic! Thanks for sharing Daisy! You might also like our meat-free recipe for rice-stuffed tomatoes at
lilyangApr 20, 2016
The mac and cheese waffles!!!
LilybugsApr 20, 2016
Yum! I am most definitely going to try some of these.

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