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20 Gorgeous Bookshelves Every Book Lover Should Have

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February 11, 2016 · 1.7k Views

Are you a book hoarder? Bibliophiles everywhere can relate to the incessant need to buy more and more books faster than they can read them. And sometime's it's completely necessary to buy the same book but with different covers ;). How do you store your book collection? Here are some drool-worthy bookshelves to offer some inspiration!

1. I've always wanted to be like Belle from Beauty and the Beast and roll around in my library ladder.

2. A bookcase with a hidden door is all I've ever wanted in life. Maybe that door leads to MORE books!!!

3. Wait I want this too.

4. And this too.

5. "Read" on one side, and "To Read" on the other. How cool!

6. You can store all your favorite books AND snacks in this cool chair. I could sit here forever.

7. Coolest mini library ever!

8. For those who love baths & books together.

9. A bookshelf made out of books!

10. Have you heard of Little Free Library? Build your own to promote literacy in your neighborhood and to encourage more book exchange! This one is too adorable.

11. Bookshelf + Slide. Yes.

12. Do you ever a problem deciding which books to take with you when traveling?

13. I'm not quite sure what's going on here but I like it.

14. I wish I had this tree of knowledge in my living room.

15. Simple yet beautiful.

16. Wouldn't this look cute in a kid's room?

17. Picture Perfect.

18. A house of books.

19. A beautiful vomit of books.

20. What if you organized your books by setting? Grapes of Wrath in California, To Kill a Mockingbird in Alabama, etc. So fun!

Which bookshelf do you want?

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Lillian Yang is a reader who is trying her hand at writing about reading. She yearns to be a Slytherin but knows in her heart that the Sorting Hat was correct to place her in Hufflepuff.

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