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20 Secrets Department Stores Don’t Want You to Know

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September 18, 2015 · 3.4k Views

If you’re on the hunt for the best deals, be committed to go above and beyond typical shopping avenues. This thorough digging is the best way to save the most money when you’re out shopping. In your savvy endeavor, you will undoubtedly visit department stores, which offer clothes, shoes, home goods, and more at major discounted prices.

Jump ahead of the crowd by remembering these best-kept secrets when you’re visiting these massive stores.


1. Prices Get Marked Up Before Sales

When you’re reading the price tag, the percentage off might not be current with what the tag reads. Department stores frequently increase the prices to “protect their margins” right before a big sale, which means you should expect to pay full price.


2. Everyday Items Can Cost You More

Grocery and dollar stores are just a couple smaller stores that adjust fees regularly. However, department stores differ in that shopping around can actually save you more money instead of choosing a one-stop shop.


3. They Post Discounts On A Schedule

Every department store is unique, but each location will present discounts on specific days. Learn your favorite store’s savings schedule to find the lowest prices.


4. Sometimes Value Packs Cost More

Consider the per-piece price next time you are thinking about a value pack because they might actually cost more than purchasing the goods individually.


5. Endcaps Can Cost You

Products placed at the end of an aisle are there for a reason – to get you to buy them. Keep your head down when passing these goods to avoid unnecessary spending.


6. Advertisements Are Meant for Impulse Buys

Whenever you come across a model looking stylish in clothes or drool-inducing foods blown up on posters, remember they are all designed to make you buy without thoroughly considering the purchase. Beware of the deception!


7. BOGOs Aren’t Always a Deal

Don’t forget to look at the prices and/or discounts before assuming you’re saving money with BOGO deals. Oftentimes they are designed into tricking customers into thinking there’s a good discount.


8. Tempting Items Are Toward The Right

Studies have determined that upon entering a store, shoppers will most likely turn right. Therefore, the most tempting products are placed on the right, so be cautious and keep straight or turn left instead!


9. Clearance Racks Are Always In the Back

You’re forced to pass the more expensive racks first before you can get to the clearance racks with this method.


10. Sale Areas Are Messy on Purpose

Even though the sale areas are where your time will be best spent, department stores don’t want you to spend too much time looking there.


11. Checkout Lines Are Also Meant for Impulse Buys

As a matter of fact, sometimes, they make you wait in line longer so you’ll be forced to stare at the candy and other small trinkets. When possible, head directly for short lines and keep your eyes straight ahead to avoid the temptation.


12. Shopping With Friends Encourages More Spending

Friendship can become expensive because your friends distract you from how much you’re actually spending. It’s better to shop alone and set a budget so you can save!


13. They Might Be Talking About You on Headsets

Just a heads up – many department store employees have admitted to chatting about customers on their headsets.


14. Employees Are Their Most Loyal Shoppers

Employees are handling the merchandise, and they are probably taking advantage of the best sales while they do that.


15. They Hate Coupons

It is completely your right to use coupons (and you should for incredible savings), but that doesn’t mean department store are happy about it.


16. Stores Often Skimp On Quality to Keep Costs Down

Unfortunately, when the costs of materials rise, stores often sacrifice quality in order to maintain margins. Even worse, you won’t be able to tell until it’s too late!


17. Name Brands Might Be Cheaper Than You Think

Overstock stores generally cost you less, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting the best designer goods. In reality, companies custom-make clothes specifically for these stores, and the quality is usually lower.


18. They Skimp On Measurements

Even though there are standard sizes for products such as blankets and towels, lots of department stores make them slightly smaller without decreasing the price. Before you fork over your money, be sure to check the sizes.


19. Trends Are Cheap

Innumerable trendy items have become popular in the past few years, but that might not have been in the name of fashion. It’s usually the case becuase they’re easier and cheaper to manufacture.


20. Designer Exclusives Aren’t All That Exclusive

Although they’re probably listed as sold exclusively at one-store, it’s likely that the same designs can be found at other stores – just under a different celebrity endorsement.


Now that you know these 20 secrets, shop smart at department stores!

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