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21 Women's Fashion Hacks That'll Help You Look Better Than Ever

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Julie GersteinGuest Blogger
February 16, 2016 · 16.3k Views

It can be hard to figure out this whole fashion thing. But thankfully, we can help. We've dug up an array of helpful style charts that'll help you tell your puce from your chartreuse, your pencil skirts from your tulip, and help you take every outfit to the next level. 

Check out these charts below for extra guidance. 

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21 Women's Fashion Hacks That You Need To Know About


1. Need help figuring out which color goes with which? We got you.


2. And what print goes which which pattern. Don't own any patterned prints? ASOS carries thousands of styles, prints, and colors to choose from.


3. Petite girls need special help. TRUST US.


4. Learn the difference between a boy short and a bermuda. 


5. And get your collars and sleeves straight, too. 


6. Wear the best shoe for the skirt you've got. 


7. Learn the difference between a scoopneck and a Sabrina!


8. And then figure out what necklace goes best with your neckline. You can find every style of necklace at Charming Charlie in all colors and patterns, too! Just be sure to use up to $10 off coupons along with their latest styles, BOGO deals and sales for huge discounts.


9. Get the proper sleeve roll (it's not as easy as you think!).


10. And the proper pant roll, too. 


11. Get the perfect boot tuck. It's also important to have the perfect pair of boots to fit your calves! Check out thousands of stylish boots during the 6pm boot sale, where you can shop by size, width, shaft height, circumference, color, and more. Stack a 6pm coupon and you won't break the bank on those beautiful new boots!


12. Here's how to actually get the perfectly fold a tee shirt. 


13. Learn the history of swimwear. 


14. A guide to women's jackets. 


15. And women's skirts!


16. What you should spend on and what you should splurge on. 


17. Organize your closet like a boss. 


18. Get the right glasses for your face shape. 


19. Tell your palazzo from your pajama pants. 


20. Get the best shapewear for your body type. 


21. And finally, how to pick the best colors for your complexion. 


Hope you found these guides useful, now head over to your closet and get to stylin'.


dirndlmodeMar 30, 2016
One of the best women fashion guide. Great sharing.
BluSkyGreenGrassFeb 19, 2016
Mixing prints is so hard to do...this helps.
dtran5Feb 18, 2016
this is the best thing ever. SO helpful!