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24 Essential Beach Hacks That Will Improve Your Summer

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July 10, 2016 · 9.1k Views

There’s something about the beach that melts away stress. All of your senses are engaged in ultimate relaxation. Toes in the sand, blissful sounds of ocean waves, scents and tastes of salty sea spray, and gorgeous sweeping views of what seems to be a never-ending body of water. I’m feeling relaxed already.

It’s all too easy, however, for a dreamy beach day to turn into a nightmarish excursion. Simple tasks can wreak havoc on your trip to the beach in a snap. Getting too much sun, or worse- having your personal belongings stolen, are sure ways to put a hamper on your day. In an effort to help you plan the most epic beach day ever, I've compiled a list of the most helpful hacks and tips from experienced beachgoers everywhere.

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Image: Tescoliving.com

1. Bring A Fitted Sheet 

Using a fitted sheet in place of a towel or flat sheet will keep sand out and it won’t fly away either. Prop up the corners of the fitted sheet with your bags, coolers, and anything else large enough to keep the walls of the sheet propped up.

2. Protect Your Phone With A Sandwich Bag

Let me first start by saying, you really don’t need your phone at the beach. If you must bring it along to get the perfect selfie- keep your phone safe by storing it in a common sandwich bag. The best part is, the touchscreen should still work!

3. Disguise Your Valuables

Keep your valuables safe by disguising them in an empty lotion bottle. It’s best to use one that is not clear so that no one can see that there really isn’t any lotion in there. If you just need to conceal some cash, empty out a tube of chapstick, roll up your bills and slide them right in!

4. Baby Powder Sand Removal

Sprinkle baby powder onto sandy skin and brush off in a downward motion.This will dry your skin and allow the sand to fall off naturally.

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Image: Barefootwine.com

5. The Ultimate Sunburn Reliever

Sunburns are the WORST. Relieve the pain and heat by freezing some aloe vera into ice cubes. You can use gel directly from a home grown aloe plant, scoop it into an ice tray, and let freeze for several hours until completely solid. Store bought aloe should work just as well. You’ll thank me for this one. You can also try setting alarms on your phone so that you don't forget to reapply your sunscreen.

6. Get Natural Highlights

Get some beachy highlights in your hair by dunking your hair in the salt water and squeezing a little bit of lemon juice on it. Be sure to wash any lemon off of your hands, or it could result in some painful sun blisters.

7. DIY Cooler Ice Packs

As an alternative to filling up your cooler with ice, fill up some water balloons and freeze them overnight. Return to the freezer for future use when melted, OR....have an ice cold water balloon fight!

8. The Multi-Use Frisbee

Keep your paper plates from falling apart use a frisbee underneath it for some extra support. It also doubles as a perfect doggy bowl if your furry friend is tagging along!

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Image: Pinterest.com

9. Make An Impromptu Speaker

Having music at the beach can make it a really fun time. But when you’re at a crowded beach, you may not be able to hear your phone’s speaker on its own. Amplify the sound by placing your phone into a solo cup or even a Pringles can!

10. Sift The Sand

Keep sand out of your car and home by using a mesh laundry bag as a container for beach toys. Leave the sand at the beach by sifting out any loose sand at the end of the day.

11. Upgrade Your Misting Spray

Take your average misting spray bottle and fill it with ice water. Keep it in the cooler until ready to use and you'll have a sure way to beat the heat. If you are feeling a bit more adventerous, refresh your face with antioxidants by making a simple green tea mist. Just steep one or two green tea bags in 1-2 cups of cold water for at least two hours, add ice, and keep cool.

12. Floatable Keychain

If you must bring your keys into the ocean (why??) attach them to a wine cork so that they will float if lost.

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Image: Diy-enthusiasts.com

13. Beach Towel Blanket With A Pillow

Cool, right? This one is for the more experienced DIYers, or those of you who are up for a bit of a challenge. Follow this step-by-step guide from DIY Enthusiasts and you’ll be chillin’ out on your newest beach accessory in no time.

14. Save Your Soles

Ok, this one’s common sense. But I never remember to do it! Turn your sandals over if they are sitting in the sun so that they aren't scorching hot when you put them on. 

15. DIY Snack Container

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle! Instead of tossing your old plastic coffee creamer bottles, rip off the label, clean it out, and use it as a nifty to-go container for snacks.

16. Frozen Water Bottles

This is totally necessary if you are not bringing a cooler, and still pretty helpful if you are. Freeze your water bottles before heading to the beach so that they stay extra cold for as long as possible.

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Image: ShamelessTraveler.com

17. Bread Bag Tag Sandal Saver

I don’t know about you, but I’ve totally been in a situation where one of my flip flops decided it was time to stop flipping and flopping. Instead of hopping around on one foot or tossing them in the garbage, use the plastic tag from a bread bag to repair them as seen above.

18. Frozen Caprisun Slushes

Adults and children alike can enjoy this refreshing treat! Freeze some caprisuns before you hit the beach. Then, use a scissor to cut the bottom off of the pouch and you have your very own Caprisun Slush! Best if eaten with a spoon.

19. Keep A Mini Dust Pan & Broom In Your Car

This is so essential. I absolutely hate when my friends get into the backseat of my car covered in sand. Sometimes, I don’t even notice that there are piles of sand in my car until days later. Keeping a small dust pan and broom in the car can help take the stress out of these types of situations.

20. Iced Coffee Hack

Keeping your iced latte cold at the beach can be tricky without this hack. Regular ice cubes will water it down, so freeze some coffee in an ice tray and use those! When they melt, your coffee will still taste as good as when you bought it.

Image: Instructables.com

21. Hidden Beer Cooler

You didn't hear this from us...but you can hide your beer can in a large plastic cup, or even a disposable soft drink cup. Just be prepared to drink beer out of a straw. Add some ice into the cup to keep your beer chilled, too!

22. Steering Wheel Trick

Often times beach parking is outside and uncovered in the blazing sun. Turn your steering wheel 180-degrees before you exit your car so that you won’t burn your hands when it's time to leave.

23. Surprise Your Friends With Ice Cold Water Guns

If you’ve got some icy water leftover in your cooler, don’t dump it! Fill up a water gun and chase down your friends and family. They’re in for a ice cold surprise!

24. Save Money On Beach Essentials

So many of the necessary beach items that you need can be frugally bought at your local Dollar General. Things like sunglasses (which you’ll likely lose in the ocean anyways), beach toys, plasticware and sunscreen really don’t have to be name brand. Save the extra money for the parking meter! Save even more on beach gear with Dollar General Coupons from DealsPlus.



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