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27 Best Amazon Shopping Hacks of All Time

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July 08, 2017 · 12.1k Views

amazon shopping hacks

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Amazon is undoubtedly the site to visit for all your shopping needs online, and it is well-known for providing tons of methods to snag great deals on things you want and need. You shouldn’t have to pay full price for things you want because every day, Amazon shares new deals, awesome perks, and cool shopping features most of us don’t even know exist!

Keep reading to learn about our favorite and the best 27 Amazon shopping hacks, like getting free Amazon gift cards, finding the best possible deals ever, scoring an extra month of Amazon Prime for free, receiving refunds, and a ton more!

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27 Best Amazon Shopping Hacks of All Time

1. Trade in your old stuff for free Amazon gift cards.

They have an awesome trade-in program so you can clear your home of products you don’t want anymore. Amazon will take things like CDs, DVDs, books, electronics, etc., and they’ll happily give you an Amazon gift card in return. Learn more about the Amazon Trade-In Program here.

2. Know about price drops.

Avoid having to obsessively keep track of an item on your wish list by downloading the Camelizer Chrome extension. This neat feature will notify you the second an item you want has experienced a price decrease.

3. Take advantage of Amazon coupons.

The Amazon’s Coupons page gives you regularly updated deals on an enormous variety of items – think fitness gear, electronics, food, household items, etc. Check out DealsPlus for even more Amazon Coupons in addition to related deals and sale events.

4. Find discounted prices.

To uncover a world of discounted products in your price range, add the code &pct-off= before a percent or percentage range. For example, if you want to search items that are marked down between 50 and 70 percent, type &pct-off=50-70 at the end of the URL.

5. Cancel Amazon Prime.

There are many people who sign up for the free 1-month trial of Amazon Prime and forget to cancel it. If you are one of those people who forgot, you can ask for a refund.

6. Get a refund for a broken item.

Was your item broken when you received it in the mail? Don’t worry about shipping back the defective product to get a refund or a replacement. Simply contact customer service, and they’ll send your money back or send you a new product without all the hassle of returning the defective product.

7. Sign up for Amazon Student.

If you’re a college student, take advantage of the considerable discounts for a low $49 annually (basically, you’d be getting the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership for less than the $99 everyone else pays), plus a free 6-month trial.

8. Find anyone’s Wish List.

Are you the type of person to never know what to get someone for their birthday, wedding, or baby shower? Stress no more. You can find anyone’s Amazon Wish List by simply searching for their name or email address – it’s that easy.

9. Get a price match.

Within 7 days of your purchase, if you find that that same item has gone on sale, get in touch with Amazon customer service for a price match or a refund of the difference.

10. Avoid the minimum needed to buy add-on items.

If you’re buying small, complementary items, you will typically have to pay $25 to access the deals. Avoid this inconvenience by purchasing a pre-order item (i.e. an unreleased book or movie) to reach the minimum.

11. Snag free and highly discounted Kindle books.

Discover massive savings on Kindle ebooks when you use the free Amazon app.

12. Check Amazon Gold Box.

This useful option issues regular sales and discounts throughout the year, and if you’re checking back routinely, you’re definitely going to stumble upon some great bargains.

13. Sign up for the Subscribe and Save program.

When you purchase items regularly through this program, Amazon will start piling on the savings on already discounted products. Order 5 or more subscriptions at once and save 15%!

14. Head to the Amazon Outlet Store.

Find the biggest selection of discounts on everything from clothes to electronics right in this store!

15. Use CamelCamelCamel.

Take advantage of CamelCamelCamel to compare prices on literally everything you have ever wanted to purchase on Amazon. Even when you’re not shopping on Amazon, this is still a great tool to figure out if you’re getting the best deal. This price-tracking service will email you whenever the price drops on an item in which you’re interested, and you can review the price history charts to note when items normally sell for lower prices.

16. Get cheap textbooks.

If you log onto another country’s version of Amazon, you can save up to a whopping 90% on textbooks. Visit CheapRiver.com to browse a list of where to find your textbooks for the cheapest price.

17. Donate to a good cause.

Sign up for AmazonSmile for free to give back while you shop. They’ll donate 0.5% of the price of particular products to the charity of your choice.

18. Get a refund if you don’t get your order on time.

If you order is ever delivered after the scheduled delivery date, contact Amazon customer service to get a refund for any shipping costs or an extra month of your Amazon Prime membership for free.

19. Save on baby and children supplies.

Calling all parents: sign up for Amazon Family! As a member, you will save 20% on diapers, receive Baby Registry Rewards, get Amazon Family coupons, and more. If you share some information about your family, Amazon will also send age-based email recommendations and offers.

20. Shop the Warehouse Deals section.

If you don’t mind buying used or returned products, you can find some impressive deals here!

21. Avoid sales tax.

By ordering from a third-party seller, you can sometimes avoid paying sales tax. All you have to do is check before finalizing your purchase because some sellers still charge the fee.

22. Price match from other retailers.

If you ever find an item you purchase on Amazon for a cheaper price at another retailer, it is likely that you can get Amazon to exhibit a price match on items like televisions and phones. Just contact customer service within 14 days of your purchase for a repayment. Take a look at Amazon’s Price Match page for more information.

23. Get 2 Primes For the Price of 1.

For $99 a year, Amazon Prime can be a little pricey, but you get plenty of perks that you may not even know about. Share this membership with 2 people in a household or office to save and reap the benefits. Even though only one person gets the perks of the entire benefits package, which includes unlimited music and video streaming, the other person with the subscription still receives free 2-day shipping! If you’re not a member yet, sign up for Amazon Prime here.

24. Get discounts on designer goods.

Visit MyHabit to find the best deals on designer items, like up to 60% off clothing, home goods, and more. Even better, you will get free shipping on all your purchases over $99, and if you are a member of Amazon Prime, you get early access to cool events.

25. Unclutter your search.

By using a Chrome extension called Clearcut, you can make all your online searches a lot easier. Clearcut eliminates all the clutter on your page, allowing you to narrow your focus on a single search toolbar to make your shopping experience faster and more efficient.

You can finally rest assured that you’re going to be snagging the best deals now that you have this useful list of Amazon hacks and how-tos!

26. Add Amazon Assistant to your browser.

Another extension you can add to your browser is Amazon Assistant, which will help you shop smarter online. With this extension, you can stay up to date with your orders and catch all your favorite deals. It also offers product comparisons, including price comparisons, and you can save all the products you’re interested in from any website to your Registries or Lists. Lastly, Amazon Assistant allows you to save shortcuts to your most-visited Amazon destinations to help you save time.

27. Follow the DealsPlus blog.

We are always sharing the latest and greatest shopping tips when it comes to Amazon. Follow our blog for the newest in Amazon news as well as more suggestions to help make shopping easier and more cost-effective. Check out some of our other Amazon articles:

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