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4 Easy to Read Science Fiction Books

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February 22, 2016 · 1.8k Views

Sometimes reading science fiction can be a bit daunting if you are not a self proclaimed geek. Maybe the renewed Star Wars franchise has reignited your love for space travel and alien planets but you aren’t ready yet to dive into a debate about string theory vs loop quantum gravity. Here are some easy and accessible science fiction reads that will have you feeling like you’re sitting back with a bucket of popcorn at the movies. 


1. The Martian

Even if you’ve already seen the popular book-turned-film on the big screens, it’s worth reading the book for it’s even more funny, thrilling, and emotional than the film. 

If you haven’t taken chemistry since high school, the science concepts are easy to understand and not essential to enjoying the laugh out loud journey.

If you are a science buff, you’ll appreciate the fact that the novel  tries to be as scientifically accurate as possible. Author Andy Weir says “I even calculated the various orbital paths involved in the story, which required me to write my own software to track constant-thrust trajectories." Now that’s dedication. 

2. Cinder

The classic Cinderella Story + Space Travel + Cyborgs. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Because it absolutely is. This YA-romance-fantasy-sci-fi-dystopian-everything has been a smash hit among female readers of sci-fi. 

3. Ready Player One

Fans of either video games or 80s pop culture will devour this one. The story takes place in a virtual reality MMORPG where the main character must use his gaming and encyclopedic 1980s knowledge to complete the most epic quest. 

4. Girl With All the Gifts

If you’re sitting around waiting for the next Walking Dead premiere, try out this incredible zombie apocalypse book. Philosophical, emotional, and humanizing, I promise this will be unlike any zombie story you’ve ever heard. 


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Lillian Yang is a reader who is trying her hand at writing about reading. She yearns to be a Slytherin but knows in her heart that the Sorting Hat was correct to place her in Hufflepuff.
BluSkyGreenGrassFeb 22, 2016
Ready Player One was a great book. Butso many 80's references that went way over my head...90's baby here

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