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5 Apps to Help You Stick to Your Budget

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February 15, 2014 · 1.1k Views

Could anything be more daunting, intimidating or—let’s face it—mind-numbing than balancing a budget? While you may not relish the idea of sitting down with paycheck stubs, credit card bills and auto insurance payments while hovering over a calculator, the fact is this tedious task is actually what allows you to get to the fun stuff. If you need to know when you’ll be able to afford your next beachside vacation or how long you have to wait to get your hands on that fabulous handbag, you’ll need to have a good idea of the state of your finances.

Luckily the days of sitting down to balance checkbooks are long gone. Now there are plenty of technological tools and apps that can not only help you balance your budget, but also help you stick to it.

1. TurboTax SnapTax (Free): TurboTax Snap Tax makes completing and filing your 2013 taxes easy. All you have to do is take a pic of your W-2 , respond to a few questions and then E-file it directly from your phone. ¿Habla Español? No problemo! This app is now available in Spanish.

2. iReconcile ($2.99): Compatible with all of your Apple electronics, iReconcile comes complete with a built-in check register, backup and the ability to save reports as PDFs. For a more extensive report, you can also categorize your income and spending based on your payees, monitor savings and organize your accounts. In addition, you are also able to transfer funds from one account to another. iReconcile securely stores your information and keeps your data safe by providing a secure pin number for each use and transaction.

3. BUDGT ($1.99): BUDGT’s priority is helping you budget and track your expenses. This app is all about giving you access to how you spend, how you save and how to make positive financial decisions for the future. BUDGT helps you create a budget, manage it and stick to it but calculating your expenses and letting you know how much you can spend each day. The app is user-friendly with fonts and colors that allow you to easily track your financial status. In addition, you can set up reminders so you are always on top of your finances.  

4. Spendee ($1.99): If you love charts, figures and graphs, this is the app for you. Spendee is by far the most accessible app out there—it allows the user to keep data safe through iCloud backup as well as export data from Excel, csv or Google Drive. You can customize your preferences and edit them as needed. Spendee’s features also include the ability to snap photos of bills or notes that can be filed and managed for further reference.

5. Ace Budget 2 ($.99): Ace Budget 2 helps you create budgets that fit your lifestyle. Whether it is a daily, weekly or monthly budget, this app sets up your custom financial picture with unlimited categories for you to choose from. In addition, Ace Budget 2 gives you the capacity to view graphs, set up recurring transactions, schedule reminders and allow you to review and compare data.

And of course don’t forget to check out the Dealsplus App where you can find the best coupons and deals!

Stay on the right financial foot in 2014 with an app that will help you stick to your budget and facilitate the opportunity to save.

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