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Sun and Sand: 5 Beach Toys the Kids Will Love

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May 23, 2014 · 1.5k Views

Help your kids have more fun in the sun with these beach toys that are designed to help little ones make the most of their day in the sand.

Melissa and Doug’s Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cookie Set

You may think twice when your budding baker asks if you want some sandies cookies. This play set includes pieces kids need to shape sand and mold it into cookie shapes with cookie cutters. Included in this playset are a pretend rolling pin, a play cookie sheet and spatula, fake cookie cutters and a shaker for coating the sand cookies with “sprinkles.” Retail price for this set designed for young cookie artists is around $15.

Toys ‘R Us Sizzlin’ Cool Deluxe Boat

If you have kids, you know about Toys ‘R Us, but you may not know that this store sells not only national brands, but also many store brands of toys. One line that is exclusive to Toys ‘R Us is the Sizzlin’ Cool brand of beach and outdoor toys. For your kids’ next trip to the beach, get them a deluxe boat from this brand. Each one costs around $5 retail and there are different designs. With this low-cost boat, your kids can play in the surf or bring it home to play with in the tub, which means your little ones will get more use out of this toy.


While some people opt to play catch on the beach with a Frisbee, why not play with a Smakaball set? This set includes two catchers and a ball. The catchers are designed as rings with floats on the sides, so you can play this game in the surf or pool without worrying about dropping a catcher. Holding these catchers, anyone young or old can trap the large ball as it flies through the air. Because of how its designed, you can play Smakaball with the whole family, ages six and up. You can find this game for around $25.

Flexible Flyer Sand and Snow Castle Building Kit

Your little one doesn’t have to be an accomplished architect to create a stunning sand castle. The Flexible Flyer Sand and Snow Castle Building kit has everything your child needs to make the building bases for a sandcastle. This kit retails for around $30, and it includes three different shaped molds for packing sand into to make a castle.

Prime Time Toys’ The Original Splash Bombs

Part of the fun of going to the beach is enjoying the water, and with these splash bombs that soak up water and still float, water play becomes more fun. A pack of eight Splash Bombs sells for around $10 and are recommended for ages four and up. These toys are balls that are lightweight and absorbent. Kids can hold one under the water and toss it like a water balloon. It makes water fights at the beach more fun and exciting.

Grab some of the best toys around and hit the sand!

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