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5 Date Night Clutch Essentials

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Jazmine ReedGuest Blogger
March 24, 2016 · 2.1k Views

In between T.G.I.F. and the Sabbath is a day reserved for shaving legs, popping peppermints and hoping you are one date closer to manifesting your Pinterest wedding board.

And on that day, you pick out a great outfit and go to pick-out a purse to carry the essentials. You may be dancing or enjoying a nighttime adventure, so a bulky weekend tote is out of the question. Often we reach for a crossbody or clutch for date night. Here are the other date night must-haves you should be packing inside!  

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1. Blotting Papers so your skin remains fresh and dewy, not oily and greasy.

People act as if having something green in between your teeth is the dating nightmare you can never recover from. No, no.

Having a face so oily that he can check his reflection to see if he has something green in his teeth is.

Nothing puts the ‘ew’ in “dewy” like clogged pores, which is why I always travel with blotting papers on dates. These sheer and handy, oil-absorbing sheets are portable and discrete. They are also powder-coated, making it easy to remove the oil from your pores, shine from your face, and embarrassment from your body.

Blot your T-zone before going to the date, and a few hours later to ensure your skin is radiate. Check today's Sephora beauty deals and coupons for a free gift with any $25+ order online! Get yourself those new blotting sheets, plus a little extra for yourself.


2. PooPourri because girls NEVER go number two, right?

So things go well, and you all take things back to his place. And you feel backflips in your stomach. Could it be butterflies…. or something you ate?

You clench your cheeks and panic. And risk it, because when nature calls, you can’t exactly put the calls on hold.

And let’s be honest, once you’re in the ladies’ room, you ponder how long you’ve been in there and if you’re leaving any smelly traces. All of this is inevitable but avoidable. No, I’m not suggesting you remove your kidneys or something. Get Poo-Pourri. This blend of natural essential oils stops bathroom odor and leaves his throne smelling like a daisy. Poo-Pourri is a girl’s best friend. (Because let’s be real, who can afford diamonds? Even Kanye is in debt.)


3. Wisps to keep your breath fresh all night.


It’s the phobia everyone on a date has, “Does my breath smell?” And if he took you to a place known for bottomless garlic fries, well, it probably does.

Enter Colgate Wispies! Unlike gum, mints and Listerine strips, the portable toothbrush-like bristles don’t mask your bad breath, but clean your mouth and leave your teeth bright and dazzling.

No bathroom sink needed and no bad breath left.


4. Clutch-Sized Wallet - look chic and stylish, because you don't need to carry your grocery coupons and rewards cards everywhere.

A small wallet is not only completely adorable but very practical. After all, you don’t need your Banana Republic card (especially not in a bar), change or random receipts. For a night out; an ID, essential beauty products, a debit or credit card, and a metro card is all you need.

Life hack: Use one of the remaining card slots for Band-Aids or bobby pins. Trust me, you’ll need one eventually. 

Find the perfect purse, clutch, handbag, or what have you to make sure you find a bag that fits all your essentials. Be sure to check out today's eBags coupons and sales to save up to 70% off or more on Kate Spade, Tumi, Michael Kors, and more popular brands. 


5. Lipstick - so you look (and feel) as beautiful as ever.

The feminine indulgence and the ultimate beauty clutch! Forget fashion rules, opt for a shade that makes you feel as beautiful as you really are. I recommend applying a coat of Chapstick beforehand to moisturize the lips. Don’t forget to blot and smile!

Have fun, be safe and be at ease knowing you have everything you will ever need for a date. 




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