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5 Great Cooking Gadgets for Bachelors

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March 02, 2014 · 1.6k Views

In the past, guys with a kitchen full of cooking accouterments were mocked, but today, the sophisticated bachelor has drawers filled with tools and gadgets for creating a kitchen for dining and entertaining. Most bachelor pads come with a small kitchen perfect for one, but that shouldn’t deter you from owning the right equipment for whipping up your next meal.


A gourmet salad filled with the season’s most delectable produce can look like a culinary expert’s dream when you use the Vidalia Chop Wizard ($19.99, Bed, Bath & Beyond). The stainless steel blade will chop your vegetables, grate cheese and hew fruit into foodie-inspired sizes.


Impress your guests or hot date with a mousse that is light and airy using the Elite Cuisine 5-Speed Hand Mixer ($19.99, Kohl’s). The five speeds offer accurate mixing and whipping and will make you look like an experienced pastry chef.


Not all bachelors in the kitchen are created equal. For those of us that can’t quite pull off the homemade marinara sauce or gravy, opt for the easy-to-use OXO SoftWorks Can Opener ($12.35, Target). The hand held opener is much less conspicuous than and electric one and can easily be used and hidden in a matter of seconds. The can opener is strong for even the toughest cans and is simple to clean – rinse, dry and toss back in the drawer.


Coffee for your morning-after guest or during dessert at your next dinner party is all in the taste of your brew. If kitchen counter space is tight, the Keurig  K10 Mini Plus Brewer ($99, Kmart) is small enough to sit on the counter or stash away in a cabinet. The sleek black will not be an eyesore in your modern, bachelor’s pad and creates single cups of heavenly coffee.

Pulling it all together

A bachelor’s image is key, especially when trying to impress. Foodie and gourmet chef Ina Garten is the author of many cookbooks, but it’s her The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook ($24.98, Amazon) that will help you entertain and make it look flawless. Her book will educate you on hosting both large and small parties and food presentation, and will actually teach you how to enjoy doing it all.

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