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5 Indoor Winter Workout Ideas

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February 26, 2014 · 1.4k Views

Sadly, the Groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter and we have a little time before we spring forward on the clocks. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of daylight and cravings for comfort food – you can still keep that New Year’s resolution of keeping calories down and creating a workout routine that you can do all winter long.

Your fitness schedule doesn’t have to be about the outdoors—there are plenty of indoor workouts that will keep you fit and healthy until swimsuit season emerges.

Spinning your wheels

Whoever said that an indoor cycling class doesn’t constitute a “real” workout clearly lives in warm temperatures all year round. Spin classes are the “it” fitness trend all over the country, and when you find the right class, can be the best workout of your winter routine.

The most important aspect of indoor cycling is finding the best spin shoes. The ZOL Spinning Shoes ($49.95, Amazon) easily snap in and out of your indoor bike and give you the comfort and functionality of a true performance-based workout.

Make a splash

Swimming laps can be done all year long if you have access to an indoor pool. Swimming is great exercise and uses all of your muscles for a full-body workout. Make sure you have a good pair of goggles that don’t fog up or loosen while you are doing your Olympic laps.

Geared for both indoor and outdoor swimming, the Cressi® Flash Swim Goggles ($24.99, Sports Authority) offer flexibility and anti-scratch lenses as well as UV protection for sunny days. Most workout pools (unless it is your own) requires swim caps. Opt for either the professional-looking NIKE Latex Swim Cap ($3.59-$5.99) or the super-cute TYR Floral Silicone Swim Cap ($12.99), both from Sports Authority.

At-home workout

Working out at home may not always be the most desirable of fitness routines, but sometimes the winter and snow days necessitate it. Get rid of muffin tops and work up a swimsuit-worthy sweat with the Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones ($8.59, Amazon).

Pilates mat at home

Working on your core takes just a few minutes a day and can easily be done at home. Created to activate your deep core muscles, the Stott Pilates® Mini Stability Ball ($11.99, Target) gives you the opportunity to work on posture and strength.

Resistance training

Equipped with a full-body workout chart that encompasses muscle isolation, resistance training and strengthening, the PurAthletics Flex Bands 3 Pack ($25.99, are used by Pilates and fitness coaches worldwide. Containing three flex bands, you can create a workout routine for yourself and your besties at home.

Don’t let the cold weather ruin your fitness and health goal ambitions. The most important aspect of finding an indoor routine that works for you is to find one that you love doing. If you’re enjoying yourself, you’ll be more likely to stick to those fitness goals!

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