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5 Unique Ideas for Throwing a Baby Shower Brunch

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April 13, 2014 · 1.8k Views

If the mom-to-be in your group of friends is a breakfast lover, a brunch-themed baby shower is the perfect party. Not only is the food more delicious, it’s also more convenient, as you can hold the party earlier in the day and let your pregnant friend sleep in the afternoon. Should you decide to forego the afternoon tea for a brunch, here are some ideas to make the party more fun.

1. Make it a coffee party

While pregnant women are typically advised to cut back the caffeine, a coffee party is fun for java loving guests – and there are always decaf options. If your group of friends includes coffee lovers, offer different flavors of pour-over coffee and host a tasting. You and your friends can sample exotic blends while celebrating the impending bundle of joy. Try the Cilio by Frieling Filter Holder ($24) for pour over cups.

2. Shrink everything

Finger foods are a staple at many baby showers. Small foods fit in with the theme and allow guests to sample many foods without overindulging. For the brunch themed party, set out a spread of mini scones, mini muffins, mini waffles and other tiny delights. Put appetizers in small mason jars ($10) for a baby-food theme.

3. Make it a book-themed party

Ask the mom-to-be to reveal her favorite children’s book, and build the brunch around it. If she loves “Where the Wild Things Are,” theme food and drinks about the monsters in the book. If she is into Doctor Seuss, serve up some “Green Eggs and Ham.” You can also ask guests to bring a children’s book along with their gift, so mom will have a lot of reading material for her new baby. Have the guests sign the books they bring so baby will have a cute message to mull over as soon as he or she is able to read.

4. Make it country

While brunch typically conjures up images of posh urbanites, country people are not exempt from these fun gatherings. If your friend is more country than rock and roll, structure the brunch around her interests. Add some mini-country decorations to fit the baby theme, and incorporate more rustic dishes (49.95) into the menu.

5. Bring in the toys

Many people love nostalgia, so make party favors with legos, games, dolls and other childhood favorites. You friends will have a blast with coloring books, Play Doh and more as they enjoy a casual brunch/baby shower. Offer some fun adult prizes at game stations with games like Sorry, Connect Four and other quick moving childhood games.

There are no set and fast rules for hosting a baby shower. To make it successful, it should be personal. Incorporate your friend’s interests, tastes and hobbies, and everyone will have a blast.

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