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5 Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Get You Out Of The Friendzone (And 5 That Will Get You In the Dog House)

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February 12, 2016 · 2.9k Views


It's a classic story as old as time: Boy likes girl. Girl thinks boy is a "super nice guy." Boy wants to move from the Friendzone to the Bae Area. Boy has no means. Not even a boombox. Because it's 2016 and who owns a boombox? 

best valentines day gift ever

What's a boy to do? Well, in a world where courting requires a swipe, the gesture of gift-giving is quite nice and actually rarer than seeing a guy outside your window with a boombox. Whether you’ve just connected and aren’t yet official, or want to declare your admiration to your crush, these gifts are sure to leave a lasting impression.


A Wine and Cheese Cooler Backpack

wine and cheese cooler picnic backpack

Wine and cheese sold separately. But please, buy it. And remember to pack it.


Concert Tickets

concert ticket deals

And is there any better time to admit you want to be exclusive or take a friendship to the next level than at an Adele concert? “I must have tried a thousand times!” (Maybe.) The best part about the concert gift is it’s a gift both of you can enjoy together.


A Vinyl Record

valentines day gift

There are some things every person on the planet enjoys: breathing, eating, Betty White and music. But bringing Betty out during a date could be weird (or actually awesome), so let’s go somewhere with that last one.

By now your crush has mentioned their favorite band or favorite artist to you. And everyone enjoys how much vinyl makes him or her look cool, so a record is a thoughtful and hip gift. Plus the “Carrie” in me likes to think you two will then dance to the record.


Roses and Chocolates

valentines day flowers and chocolates

It’s as classic as dinner and a movie. Which coincidentally pairs well with it. Consider opting for a unique flower such as tulips, peonies or sweet peas.


A Handwritten Card

handwritten valentines day card

Few things are as sweet and meaningful as a handwritten card. It proves you took time gather your thoughts, (find a pen) and put them to paper. Noting an inside joke adds a cute sentimental touch, and she’ll be sure to keep the card on her desk or vanity year-round.


valentines day gifts

Cupid shot your lady with an arrow of love! So your only job is to not shoot yourself in the foot. Any other 363 days a year (not Valentine's Day, her birthday or Christmas; keep up) these are acceptable, even exceptional gifts. But not today. Don't make V-Day your D-Day with any of these purchases.


A Vacuum Cleaner

bad valentines day gift

A lot of noise should be made on Valentine’s Day night, but not by a vacuum. Your significant other may want a more durable machine to pick-up her crumbs and carpet dirt. In fact, you can be that machine and gift her with a clean home this Valentine’s Day.


A Netflix Subscription

netflix deals

And then “cleverly” saying, “Let’s chill.”


An avocado

angry with bad valentines gift

Thanksssss! But no thanks. :) 



funny valentines gift

Because it feels like a soft reminder to “Cover yourself up!” Though we will make an exception for silk robes.


A Fitbit

Because it feels like a hard suggestion to “Put down those chocolates, and run!” At least that was my reaction last Valentine’s Day.

bad funny valentines gift


No matter what you decide, may your Valentine's Day be sweet and memorable! 

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