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5 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

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August 03, 2015 · 1.7k Views


Going grocery shopping is one of those household chores that very few people enjoy, but everyone has to do. It can also be a source of stress, trying to purchase the necessities to keep your family fed, while maintaining a reasonable budget. Here are a few ways where you can cut your monthly grocery bill significantly!


1. Plan your meals ahead of time.


One of the biggest ways you waste money on food is by a lack of proper meal planning. Last-minute meal prep means you’re probably giving less attention to prices and more to convenience. Planning your meals ahead of time can mean avoiding multiple trips to the store in one week, less time wasted while shopping, and much more money saved. During the weekend, sit down and plan out exactly what you’ll be making for the upcoming week. Look at circulars to see what items your local grocery stores have on sale, and factor this information into your meal plans. Include all 3 meals every day, along with snacks and beverages for every member of your family. By making a detailed list with planned out meals, you will be able to purchase everything with one trip to the store, cut down on impulse purchases, and cut down your budget!


2. Using printed ads for coupons and deal comparison.


The easiest way to discover deals is to go through your local newspapers or circulars for coupons and weekly sale items. By looking through these coupons, you can easily save up to 50% off items you could be paying full price for at a different store by not planning ahead. Different stores will run specials on a variety of products, so by comparing multiple printed ads you will be able to figure out the best place to purchase the items you need.

Even better, if an item on sale is nonperishable, stock up while you can! We keep plenty of pasta, shelf-stable soymilk, canned goods, chicken broth, rice, and more on hand, so we don’t run out and end up having to pay full price on a last-minute shopping trip. DealsPlus also allows you to search your favorite stores for coupon offers that can be purchased in store or online!


3. Make freezer dinners.


You can easily save money on your family’s dinners by buying ingredients in bulk and then making multiple large meals at one time. After eating one meal, freeze and store the rest to have leftovers for a long time. It’ll be less expensive than making individual meals every night of the week, and it will end up saving you a ton of time when you’re at your busiest. Make crockpot meals, casseroles, or other simple dishes that use just a few ingredients and can be heated up quickly as leftovers.


4. Use money-saving apps.


There are several free apps that can help you feed your family for less. Checkout 51 and Ibotta both work by letting you shop at your favorite stores and choosing items that are on sale. You just add what you’re already planning on buying to your cart. Once you get home, simply take a picture of your grocery receipt. The app will pay you back with whatever savings you’ve earned. This is an easy way to buy essentials like cereal, pasta, fruit and veggies, and get money back at the same time!


5. Read blogs for savings ideas.


Sometimes you just need advice from some friends! There are tons of popular blogs on the Web that feature all of the latest deals, tips, and recipes that you can refer to for guidance. Head to sites like Money Saving Mom or The Frugal Navy Wife for valuable money saving assistance. These sites also provide blog posts with ideas on how other households are saving money. You can get some helpful inspiration just by staying up to date on these articles. Also be sure to keep checking back here at The Plus Side for continued articles with all the best ways to save money.

Do your research and plan ahead, and you could save thousands of dollars off your grocery bill every year!

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