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5 Ways Walmart & CVS are Making Your Healthcare Cheaper

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June 10, 2016 · 2k Views

We previously mentioned that you can get the lowest prescriptions at Costco but research from Frost & Sullivan Transformational Health research shows that retailers like CVS and Walmart are bringing something new to the game. According to the research, the convenience of retail clinics is spreading not only in America but also gaining traction in Asia, Europe and South Africa.

Have you ever wander into your local Target or CVS explaining your symptoms to a pharmacist and then getting a recommended medication? For minor allergies and colds, we can conveniently locate a remedy at the closest retail clinic. Not to mention, easily pick up our groceries too. Retail clinic also run a very smooth operation where you can book an appointment time (with many available due to extended hours offered) and select a problem from the menu of common complaints like pregnancy tests and bronchitis. Appointments slots are guaranteed a lot less complicated as you can be assigned to a health specialist, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant or even an M.D.

Most retail clinics now offer services like childhood and adult vaccinations as well as pregnancy tests. With the widespread availability of retail clinics and shorter wait time, its no wonder these clinics are becoming the increasingly attractive option.

Frost & Sullivan research also highlighted 5 key ways that retail clinics are changing the healthcare landscape. If you’ve been wondering about it, these major advantages will have you sold.


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How have your experiences been with retail clinics?

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