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6 Things to Buy at The Dollar Store

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September 22, 2015 · 1.8k Views

If you shop at dollar stores, you’re experiencing one of the best ways to save money. Items are inexpensive, oftentimes no more than a dollar, and you can use a bunch of additional discounts. Beyond finding a good deal, dollar stores also harbor a sense of camaraderie. Generally, they are smaller than stores that stock everything, like Target and Wal-Mart, but they still offer a mass of products. You can basically find everything you need at dollar stores, even groceries to last you the week.

However, did you know that you’re better off buying some items at the dollar store, and that some items are better off left on the shelves? Take a look at this complete list of the best items to buy at the dollar store to start saving more now (and don’t forget to take these DealsPlus dollar store coupons with you)!


1. Seasonal Decor
It’s cheap, it’s in-the-moment, and it allows you to stock up without breaking the bank. Seasonal décor is of the biggest money saving items at the dollar store. Even better, they sort through each holiday for you, offering the next season’s items just as soon as you need them. (And in all likelihood, way before.) In contrast, purchasing these items at the craft store, grocery store, or any other location, will cause a much higher price tag.


2. Toys and Crafts
Kiddie items and adult use alike, these items come far cheaper at the dollar store. Great for small gifts (or necessities, such as a basketball or hula hoop) for the kids. While you can also collect card stock, paints, and more. Items rotate as well, meaning you might find a new favorite each time you stop in.

3. Toiletries
Socks, soaps, medical supplies, and more are all offered at the dollar store. Most of which come in the same brands as other stores, but are sold at a fraction of the price. Make an extra trip, or purchase in bulk to have plenty on hand, so you’re sure to never run out. Especially when you need them most.


4. Wrapping Supplies
Cards, bags, and paper – both wrapping and tissue – can often tack on a huge fee to gift giving. When buying them at the dollar store, however, cuts the price way down. To an actual affordable level – and considering you’re just giving it away, how it should be.

5. Office Supplies
In need of folders, envelopes, tape, and more? Put them on your dollar store list and pick up a few each time you head in. They’re a great way to keep the office fully functional without spending an excessive amount in the process.


6. Pet Food and Supplies
When it comes to items such as litter boxes or toys, brand doesn’t really matter. Simply function and price. Food and treats, however, offer their brands at all types of stores, including the dollar versions. Look for your favorite brands to save, and stick to cheaper accessories so you’re not paying for a label on items that simply don’t require them.

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