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6 Tips & Tricks for Shopping at IKEA

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ammullerGuest Blogger
August 21, 2018 · 1.7k Views

Funny names, mazes made of furniture, and Swedish meatballs - how could you not love IKEA? It’s the one stop shop for all your furniture needs, from kitchen carts to couches. Whether you shop there all the time or only go to browse, here are a few secrets that might make your next trip that much better!


1. You Can Get Free Coffee

Did you know that members of IKEA Family get free coffee or tea? The rewards program is free to join, and all you have to do is show your membership card when you go to get your drink, and it’s entirely free! Now you can have something to sip on while you shop.


2. There Are Shortcuts to Escape the Maze

While it can be fun to travel throughout the path and browse all your different furniture needs, it can sometimes be a bit of an overload. But never fear! If it ever becomes too much, you can always find shortcuts on the back of the shopping lists available at the entrance. If you forget to grab one before you venture inside, there are always arrows on the floor pointing your way out, as well as signs showing your way to shorter routes. Plus, you can always ask an employee for help.


3. They’re Designed For Impulse Shopping

Have you ever been to IKEA and all you needed was a new desk, but you somehow ended up buying a new scrub brush for your kitchen sink, some wine glasses, a drawer organizer, a spatula, and a whole variety of other little knick-knacks that definitely weren’t on your shopping list? That’s because those huge bins full of affordable products are designed to catch your eye while you’re navigating throughout the store. So those previously mentioned shortcuts won’t just save you time, but they could also save you some money as well!


4. You Can Reserve Furniture for In-Store Pickup

You can beat the crowds and avoid expensive fees by reserving your order for in-store pickup! For just a $5 service fee, you can schedule an order for pickup. Even better, you get the $5 back in the form of an IKEA gift card! This is definitely the way to shop when you don’t feel like walking around the entire store.


5. Don’t Stress About Missing a Deal

Have you ever bought something, only to have it go on sale a couple weeks later? Now you don’t have to worry about missing the best price! When you join the IKEA family, you get a 90-day price protection. If anything ever goes on sale after you buy it, IKEA will refund you the difference!


6. You Could Be Missing the Best Section

Have you ever visited the As-Is section? If not, you’re missing some of the best deals available! If you don’t mind display furniture or returned items, then this is the section for you. There are items still in good condition (possibly with a couple bumps or bruises), and even some with missing pieces, but this is where you’ll get the best bargain! Plus, the items with missing pieces are great for DIY-ing, so you should check it out the next time you shop at your local IKEA.


Have any of these tips or tricks helped you out? Do you have any others you want to share? Leave a comment below and let us know!


Big thank you to community member ammuller for writing this informative article! When she's not braving IKEA for hot new tips, she can be found posting great deals and coupons here on DealsPlus. Subscribe to her page here for her latest deals.


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AmKoreNov 27, 2018
A very useful article, like it
alwaysholidays99Nov 04, 2018
Every time I go shop furniture in IKEA,I enjoy the time there as it is like a comfortable home.I LOVE IKEA!!!
autensNov 02, 2018
I have bought an apartment, I think i will go to IKEA buy something to decorate my new house.
jasmine617Oct 16, 2018
ninajungSep 03, 2018
Useful tips!
casapreSep 03, 2018
I will try to use in practice!
DealsorNoDealsAug 22, 2018
Great article ammuller :)
Aug 21, 2018
I haven't been to IKEA often so for me, these are great tips! And I love #1 - free coffee or tea while I shop sounds nice.
mikae1aAug 21, 2018
I LOVE IKEA! Definitely going to try some of these on my next trip :D

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