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6 Ways to Live Like You’re Rich

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August 19, 2015 · 2.1k Views

Ready to live (or at least pretend) like the rich and famous? Or forget about the fame and just live like you’re rich. Whether you’re prepared to adorn yourself with the nicest, fake jewels, or just itching to enjoy a few amenities without breaking the bank, there are many different ways to be “rich.” Luckily, it only takes a little creativity to live a perceived affluent lifestyle without the huge bills that usually come along with it!

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To live like you’re rich – or on any income, really – take these budget-tested methods out for a spin.

1. Vacation rural

If you don’t want to live rurally for a few days, find somewhere that’s not crowded. The rich love to get away in some of the most private areas. While you might not be able to pull off a check for a secluded mansion, that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own version of the concept. Find a destination that is new and untraveled, rent out a cabin in a faraway, beautiful spot, and so forth. Make this your chance to get away from the middle class and relax with a tall glass of sparkling champagne!

Check out all of our Vacation & Cruise Deals for the best vacations on a budget.

2. Know your way around a sale

Although this may be much to your surprise, plenty of stores sell wholesale, overstocks, last season’s items, etc. Shop at these locations instead of heading straight to the pricey retailer, and you can find items the rich guys are donning for a fraction of the price. Does it really matter that you’re wearing last year’s coolest fashion? When you’re this awesome, you can rock anything.

Our favorite places to find the best brand name steals at up to 90% off are Nordstrom Rack and 6pm.com.

3. Treat Yo Self

You deserve to live like a king or queen every once in a while, whether that be a spa treatment, that new top you’ve been eyeing for months, or a fancy dinner that you would typically save for special occasions. Just do it! You know you’ll feel like a million bucks, and it’s such a nice break from living on a strict budget. When treating yourself is already built into the budget, you won’t feel the guilt. How’s that for feeling rich? A nice treat without the repercussion.

You don’t have to pay retail for restaurants or spas – check Groupon or Living Social for local dining, drink, and spa savings in your area.

4. Adjust Your Zip Code

The price of your home is based on your location. More times than not, even the slightest change can strikingly lower your future home’s listing price. Have you ever thought about moving to a suburb or a somewhat smaller town? You might notice a huge drop in mortgage fees in addition to more square footage, better home quality, a more attractive landscape, etc. With all that extra money you saved, you will definitely feel like the wealthy!

Some of our favorite ways to browse for homes, apartments, or condos are via Craigslist or Zillow.

5. Become a Better Cook

Instead of eating out or ordering take-out, take on the task as Iron Chef. Cooking delicious meals at home will lower your grocery tabs, while allowing you to experiment and indulge in gourmet-style foods in the comfort of your own home. Have fun with your meal creations – customize dishes to your liking or attempt fancy dishes whose names can’t be pronounced. You can become your very own personal chef!

Discover millions of free recipes with user ratings and suggestions at AllRecipes.com.

6. Book Last-Minute Flights

If you have a flexible schedule, you are definitely in for a treat and some seriously cool savings. Private jet liners need to be filled regularly and fly all over the world, and because you’re assisting them and vice versa, the fees can be pretty reasonable. The best part is you still get a lot of perks. Since you’re travelling like a celebrity, who can tell the difference? Just pack a bag full of your bargain designer pieces, jet off to your luxurious remote location, and no one’s the wiser.

Take a look at CheapOAir to find savings of up to $50 on flights to anywhere around the globe, price comparisons, and airfare discounts.

Here’s to living a life of glitz and glam on a budget!

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