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6 Worst Things to Buy in February

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January 29, 2016 · 11.1k Views

There are very many great deals coming up in February in celebration of Valentine’s Day and President’s Day! Whether you’re in search of a gift or just to snag a deal, there are some items you should hold off on buying this early on in the year.


Fine Dining or Related

You’re probably planning the perfect candle lit dinner with your date and thinking of the best restaurant to treat him/her out to. Book a reservation, enjoy the Valentine's ambience, feast on some good eats… sounds awesome right? But unless you’re made of gold, we suggest you leave the fine dining till later.

Certain restaurants will be cashing in on the holiday when demand is high and while you’ll enjoy that special pink menu they’ve designed, you’ll also be enjoying it with a side of inflated prices. We’re not saying restaurants are doing a bad thing by refining their menus a little to make up for the higher price tag but we’re just saying… don’t jump right into it. Chances are, you won’t see that big of a difference (unless you’re a hardcore food critic) and you’ll be saving more by postponing till Restaurant Week or some other non-holidays date.

With that said, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a nice meal with your partner. You know what will beat inflated restaurant prices? A home cook meal. Carefully planned and made with love. What could be better?


Lay Off on Tech Buys

Someone you love could be eyeing the latest iPhone model (that Rose Gold is simply gorgeous and we love it too) but it's possibly one of the worst times to purchase a brand new iPhone. That’s not limited to fellow Apple lovers but Android and Windows too. Android and Windows most popular cell phone companies like Samsung, HTC and LG typically release newer models of their best sellers in the Spring. But guess what? They’ll release it just after Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. With the Samsung S7, LG G5 and rumors of an iPhone 6C in the wind, you’ll want to wait till after February for higher discounts on their previous models.

This goes without saying but most tech buys from HDTVs, tablets, digital cameras, laptops and more are are their lowest prices closer to November (hello Thanksgiving sales and Black Friday!). We’ve noticed a trend where retailers are cashing in on the big sale day by extending it earlier and earlier so you’ll actually find Black Friday deals as early as October and well into December as well.


In Your Grocery Aisle: Stay Away from these Pricey Fruits & Veggies

This is a pretty common knowledge by now but we’ll reiterate: save money by purchasing fruits and vegetables in-season. Seasonal vegetables differ from state to state but since we’re from good ol’ California, here’s an easy chart we found that will save you some time and money on your next grocery trip. Otherwise, you can also head over to Fruits and Veggies More Matters to see what’s in season. They also have extensive meal plans for those looking to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.



Bonus Tip: KNOW your organics. There are some fruits and vegetables out there that doesn’t need to be organic. Their conventional counterparts will not turn you into a mutant ninja turtle. So if you haven’t yet, refer to this Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 guide. Not to mention, find out what's best to buy at your local grocery store versus purchasing in bulk at Costco!



Staycations All the Way

First there’s Mardi Gras, then there’s Valentine’s Day and then there’s President’s Day which also mean a nice 3 day weekend. Time for a vacation right? Wrong. Plane tickets will skyrocket during the first half of February so if you’re planning a trip around those dates you’re better off doing a staycation.

How to go about a staycation? There could be many local experiences you’ve yet to discover and our best advice (especially if you’re on a budget) is to plan ahead and browse Groupon or Livingsocial for discount vouchers. Check out these San Francisco local deals from Groupon below. Not bad right?

As they’re both global marketplace for local deals, you’ll find tons of discounted restaurant vouchers, deals on paragliding, skydiving, pole dancing classes (they’re quite the workout) and much more! We’ve tried a lot of new things for cheaps through both sites (archery classes anyone?). Some deals may be better than other so definitely do your research and cross-check on Yelp to see if a certain place has good reviews or not.



Those cleverly designed Valentine's Day chocolates may be adorable but they also come at a higher price tag. You’re likely to see a minor price jump for Valentine's edition of your favorite candy brand in February. If you feel that chocolate splurge coming on, maybe just stick to non-Valentine’s designed candies. Otherwise, you can also get creative, pick up some baker’s chocolate and make your own.

If you’re really into those Valentine’s chocolate, grab them for up to 90% off after Valentine’s Day. You won’t regret it. $1.25 for a bag of raspberry white chocolate swirl kisses? Yes.



New furniture styles or collections typically comes out in February or mid-summer (around July). Your best bet in re-decorating frugally will be either January (New Year’s sale) or July (Fourth of July sales). So hot new furniture styles are out this month, steer clear of any major interior buys and save it for a summer home refresh when sales are at their best.


Wayfair Daily Sales

If the drab home is really getting you down, we say skip department stores and dive into the online furniture marketplace. Wayfair (a must-see if you haven’t already) is our top pick for furniture discounts, they have daily event sales on select furniture category up to 70% off everyday. You’re sure to be impressed with the quality collection they have. A close second is Walmart, although some of their furniture quality might not be up to par in stores, their online selection is way superior by far. You’ll also find decent amount of reviews on each product page to help you with your selections. If you’re going for quality more than anything, we suggest Ashley Homestore. Their discounts may not be out of this world but they do offer slight category discounts updated weekly. You’ll find a lot of timeless and trending pieces available and if a certain item is still too pricey, wait till the big holidays. That’s when Ashley typically offers up to 25% off sitewide discount.

Hope you found this piece helpful and stay tuned for what not to buy in March!

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I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
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thanks for the tips!

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